Mohammed Shaker: We All Look Forward to Qualifying the Final Match of the Dearest Championship with All Due Respect for Sharjah


Al Ain defender, Mohammed Shaker, emphasized that they are one match away from the finale of the dearest championship, the President’s Cup. “This shows that the cup is so close to the four qualifying teas put firm hands on it.”

Commenting on Al Sharjah has aggressive strikers, Shaker stated: “We respect the aspirations of Al Sharjah team and well aware that they have a strong front line and Al Ain also has a quality team.”

“As the head coach stated earlier, we have to establish a balance between all lines to achieve our goals. We have been training under the command of the head coach to increase our strengths and ensure the integrity of the roles of the defenders all the way through the strikers. Ye, sometimes we commit mistakes, but we always learn from them and do our best not to commit them again.”

Shaker extended his sincerest appreciation to the head coach for his continuous guidance and advice and relentless support for his teammates and trust in their skills.

He signed off by saying: “It is not a secret to tell you that since I end my mission with the UAE National Football Team, I feel my performance is improving under Pedro’s supervision.”