No Absent Players Ahead of Baniyas Clash Match.. Sergey Rebrov: There Is No Easy Match in ADNOC Pro League


Coaching Teams Will Assess the International Players Status During the Coming Training Sessions

Our pre-match preparations for matchweek 3 of ADNOC Pro League are as usual and per the plan implemented during the FIFA days, says Sergey Rebrov during the media press conference dedicated for his team’s away match against Bani Yas scheduled to be held on Saturday 11th September 2021.

Ukraine’s head coach put an accent on the fact that all the players showed a genuine desire to carry on winning competitors by being accountable, committed, and serious.

Noteworthy, the Al Ain international players are scheduled to rejoin the squad today as they played their national teams matches of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification. Sergey expressed his sincerest wishes that they are in form and do not suffer from fatigue or exhaustion.

As for his expectation of the matchweek 3 of the league, given that Bani Yas is placed 9th on the standing table with only one point in their balance, he said: “There is no easy match in this league. However, we do respect the Bani Yas’ ambitions, the runners-up of the previous season.”

Commenting whether on a question whether there will be absent players in the coming match, he stated: “So far all is well, and players are all set for this coming match. However, we would assess their readiness level during the two coming days.”