Not Happy with the Team’s Results.. Shiotani: Al Ain’s Fans Are Right. We Will Not Seek Excuses and Will Fight to Defend the Team’s Badge


Al Ain Team player Japan’s Tsukasa Shiotani stated that his team’s clash matchweek 16 against Al Sharjah is a new challenge for a strong come back, given that Al Sharjah tops the AGL standing table. He pointed out that the players will do their best to secure the match’s three points.

As for the team’s absent players, he said: “This is certainly another challenge faced by our squad. Indeed, I have no clue who is going to play or not the day after tomorrow. We have to play with the team’s spirit, one family, and help each other. We also have to be fully ready regardless of playing in the first eleven or players on the bench.”

Shiotani addressed a message to the Ainawi fans by saying: “For sure they are right! Personally, I am not happy with the recent match result. We have no excuses as this will not change the result.”

He signed off by promising the fans to improve the team’s performance and not surrender until the end of the season.