Numerous Interruptions Negatively Impacted the Performance Quality Pedro: Draw Result is not a Good Result


“Absolutely, the 1-1 draw result is not good at all given that we are playing at home. For me, it was not an easy match against a strong team. A team that is placed one point behind us directly at the standing table,” Pedro stated in the post-match press conference dedicated to the matchweek 11 of the Arabian Gulf League against Ittihad Kalba.

He added: “There were numerous stops during the match that impacted the performance quality negatively.”

Pedro Emmanuel said that his team took the lead and dominated the match, and “we were so close to scoring the second goal though our shots were less than our previous matches.”

The Boss head coach pointed out that the team failed to retake the lead, and scoring only one goal was not enough to secure the match’s three points.

Pedro concluded his statement by hailing his squad and their desire to snatch the three points, but “we were able to win only one point, while the opponent scored from the only chance they got.”