Our Mission Won’t Be a Piece of Cake.. Sergiy Rebrov: I Focus on The Squad’s Match Against Emirates Rather Than Personal Rewords


I was Surprised to Win September Best Coach Award. Thanks for the Fans for their Support and Voting for me

“Actually, I was surprised to when I was informed that I won the September Best Coach Award. It is my pleasure to thank all who nominated my name to win the award. However, I am focusing on my job and winning matches which the most important thing for me,” he said.

Sergiy added: “We have been preparing for the coming match which is significant for the team as it is the first match in PLC Pro Cup. I do hope that the players understand that it does not matter who is the team we are playing against or in which emirate; they have to understand that we have t [lay seriously and with high concentration.”

He pointed out how it is difficult to play after the FIFA days as players rejoin the team with different conditions and levels of readiness. He stressed that they understand the significance of the first match in this competition but, again, he confirmed that all is well and all would play seriously.

As for the absence of the international players might have impact on the team’s performance, the head coach of the Boss said: “I cannot say that their absence would have a negative or positive impact the team’s performance as this is the nature of football game. For me, matches of the UAE National Football Team are far important for the players and we all do respect the ambitions of the national team.”

He then said that international players need time to bring into line with their teammates as “after two weeks they are away from the training sessions and having different set of goals to achieve they are now back to the league. However, they have to focus and consider the importance of each match and kickoff training sessions with the same level of enthusiasm they had while playing for the national team.”

In response to a question on whether he is planning to involve more new young players in the coming match, he said: “We are always involving them in the training sessions. They are good and perform well. Indeed, the question will be whether they are ready for to play for the first team or not where the responsibilities are higher. I am sure we would see some of them playing for the first team soon.”

He also pointed out that certain players of the Reserved Team play for the UAE National Olympic team and that it is great to have a new generation who are the second line for the current generation.

He expressed his happiness to see the young players coming to training sessions and playing official matches.

Regarding his expectations for the coming matches as this is the second match for the team against Emirates, he commented: “Yes, it is the second match and the most important thing is to play against the guests not according to their spot on the standing table, but to play seriously.”

He signed off by saying that the Emirates team will be different this time as they have new players in the squad and that he is sure they will play more heartily to win. He stressed it will not be an easy mission.