Pedro: Both Teams Have Equal Chances to Qualify to the President’s Cup Final Match


“I am happy to be among the last four teams in the President’s Cup. In all cup’s matches, each team has equal chances to qualify by 50%. However, we understand what we are meant to do and look forward to playing the final match and win the cup and make our fans happy,” Pedro Emmanuel stated in the pre-match press conference held at Khalifa bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain Club.

He added: “The upcoming match between Al Ain and Al Sharjah get two good teams tighter with quality players who could make the difference at any minute of the match.”

“Preparing for such a match would be different from the quarterfinal match we played against Al Wasl. We have to adopt the policy of creating a balance between all the team’s lines. We have to be good in all situations, whether when we possess the ball or lose it and, most importantly, not to lose any chance to score. We have to be active and highly focused as of the kickoff whistle until the last minute of the match. We do know that the opponent has good strikers and quality team, and we have to be fully ready for this confrontation,” Pedro stated.

Responding to a question on how he feels to play such a match without fans, he said: “The absence of our fans would have a negative impact on the team’s performance as fans always trigger the players’ motivation and push them to the limit. Players always desire to receive support from their loyal fans. However, we know the reason behind such a decision to play matches without the players as the safety and security of everybody comes first.”

“Everything is possible in football, particularly the semifinals. These are special moments, and they are special also for the players and the fans,” Pedro commented on the question on his expectations that the match might go to added-on time and then to penalty kicks.

He added: “We have to respect our opponent, and we do know that Al Sharjah respects Al Ain. The team with fewer mistakes and a high level of concentration will qualify for the final match.”

As for the end of the recovery period of Mohannad El Enezi, Mohammed Fayez, and Mohammed Jamal and joining the team’s training session, Pedro expressed his pleasure that they are back to the team. “They are important components of the team. However, we have to consider that they were away from the training sessions for nearly two months, and they should be physically, technically, and mentally fit.”