Pedro Emmanuel Asks and Jamal Marouf Stresses: “We All Set!”


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Al Ain’s Badge and Fans are the Secrets behind my success with the “Boss.”

I aspire to achieve more accomplishments with the UAE’s biggest club and join the UAE National Team

Won’t address any messages to those who bit I will fail, and belonging to Al Ain is the pithiest answer

So lucky to have a capable head coach and look forward to meeting the fans’ aspirations

A player defending the Boss’ badge will never think about moving to another club

The best goal is yet to come

Don’t ask me about the peculiarity of scoring against Al Sharjah

Looking forward to returning the favor to the Boss’ fans

Portuguese Head Coach of Al Ain Team, Pedro Emmanuel, and the brilliant striker, Jamal Marouf, exchanged questions and answers in an exclusive interview with the “Al Ain In A Week” TV program broadcasted on Al Ain TV Channel on Thursday 11th June 2020.

Pedro Emmanuel expressed his pleasure for renewing Jamal’s contract while stressing that “Though he does not play all the team’s matches as he desires, he is still an important and key player to the squad and definitely he could be the top player.”

Pedro added that Jamal enjoys all the potentials to realize his desired aspirations in his stellar career. “I am sure he will be better and stronger in the coming stages. I am so pleased, and believe that we all do, that he renewed his contract for he is a good player and an ethical and well-mannered man in every sense of the word.”

For his part, Jamal Marouf started by commending the team’s head coach “we are so lucky to have such a capable coach like Pedro Emmanuel. We all do look forward to achieving our local and continental aspirations to make our loyal Ainawi fans happy. We pray to God to lead us to the right path.”    

Great Desire

In response to a question on the feeling that he experienced at the moment of signing the contract, Jamal Marouf said: “Al Ain is not just a club, and belonging to it means a lot for me, and it is enough that it is the dream of any player. As for my feelings, I can say they were indescribable feelings of pride, honor, and happiness. Every moment I spend with the team, my ambitions are getting bigger, and my desire to achieve more victories and successes with my teammates. “

We All Set for Challenges

Portuguese Pedro Emmanuel addressed a question to Jamal Marouf saying that in his point of view, Jamal could become one of the best and key players in the team. “My question to you is how you would be ready to achieve this?”

Jamal replied to the coach’s question by saying: “Actually, I fully realize what I should do to achieve this goal. It is not me alone but the squad who would work hard to be better and improve our skills under your command. We all well aware of the burden we shoulder to defend the Boss badge. Also, I would like to assure you that I would spare no effort to push myself to the limit and boost my level of concentration to meet your and the Club management’s expectations. Our goal is crystal-clear, i.e., to achieve the fans’ aspirations.”


On the question that Jamal Marouf would address to the coach, he said: “In fact, I have no specific question in my mind right now as much as I would like to make sure that he and his family members are doing good. Also, I would like to ask him about how he spends his day other than football, watching matches, and following up on training sessions.”

Pedro responded that things are fine, and he and his family are excellent and good at health. He stated that he spends his entire day with his family, especially after his children back to school.

As for his daily program, he said: “I always started with expectations about when to return to work and meet the team again in the club. Also, I watch the team’s past matches because there are things that we must improve on the individual and team levels. This occupies a large part of my daily program and preparing for the future of the team. I expect to be back to normal life as soon as possible, and I sincerely hope that you and your family and everyone are well and at the best of health.”

Current Conditions

Commenting on a question on the requirements for the next stage following the long suspension period before kicking off preparations for the future competitions, Pedro Emmanuel said: “It has been a long time for us not training as a team in the training football field. It expected that we are back to work again in July, and this requires holding a home training camp if we are not able to travel abroad under the current circumstances. This is simply because things are no longer the same as before, and the UAE is the safest place. Indeed, we got lots of things to accomplish, and I hope that the players will be available and in good health.”

The UAE National Team Lineup

Jamal Marouf confirmed that renewing his contract was a done deal before the official announcement because there was a mutual desire between all parties to stay with the team. Still, the conditions associated with the Coronavirus contributed to the delay in the date of completing the contracting procedures and official announcement.

“I am thrilled to stay with the team because the player who is honored to defend the Boss’ badge would not even think about wearing another club’s jersey with all due respect to all clubs. I hope to be lucky enough and achieve my personal ambitions with the biggest football club in the UAE and join the lineup of the UAE National Football Team,” Jamal said.

The AFC Champions League

Commenting on a question on the AFC Champions League and the suggestion made to resume the competition per the pool system and the knockout stages, Pedro Emmanuel said: “Certainly, the AFC Champions League is the most important competition, but we do understand that many things might happen. We have to abide by the AFC instructions, and for sure that the solution would not be the best one, but it remains the best possible one.”

He added: “We are ready and we do accept all the decisions. We will strive hard to prepare the team in the right manner and go on in this competition as it is an important one for all clubs, especially for Al Ain Club, who enjoys historical achievements in this Asian championship. We seek to qualify for the next stages, and we must adapt to any decision made by the AFC and be ready for all possibilities.”

The Passcode

In response to a question about the password for his success with the “Boss” and his message to those who expected he would fail, Jamal Marouf said: “In short, the password is Al Ain badge and the Ainawi Nation. Indeed, the atmosphere in Al Ain Club, with its longstanding great local, continental and international achievements, is highly motivating to keep pace with the signs of development, reach the highest indicators of success, and, most importantly, put the firm hands-on trophies.”

He underlined that the Ainawi fans enjoy a superior culture of supporting the team and sure that everything in Al Ain is entirely different.

His message for those who expected he would fail with the team is that it is not worth it. “I play for a big team, and my aspirations will never soar below the skies. I know what I am meant to do to realize all my goals and contribute with my teammates to make Al Ain fans happy.”

The Possible Solution

The Boss coach welcomed the decision to hold the President’s Cup final match between Al Ain and Al Dhafra. “We are required to win the final match and hold the dearest trophy, and we will fight for that.”

As for the decision to resume the league, he said: “With the decision to suspend the league competitions twice or three times, the matches might be resumed before kicking off the new season. It is a fact that there is no ideal solution, but the most important thing for us is to identify the best “possible solution” under the current circumstances. We have to be aware of what is going on in the world, and to resume football competitions.”

Do Not Ask Me Why!

On Jamal Marouf’s successful experience with the Al Ain squad, the memorable moments and the most significant goal he scored, he said: “Every moment I spend with Al Ain Team and all the matches I have played in defense of its badge are significant to me and quite unique. However, I do believe the global journey we experienced and the achievement we did in 2018 was exceptional and hope it will happen again.

Al Ain’s star striker highlighted that my top personal goals had not been scored yet as “we have several challenges facing us locally and continentally, but my goal against Al Sharjah is also quite special and do not ask me why!”

Commenting on a question on those who are calling for crowning the top team with the league title others demanding the cancellation of the season without granting the title to the top team, Pedro Emmanuel said: “Regardless of the two proposals, inevitably there are clubs that will object, and others will agree, but we all must understand the necessity for making a final decision, which is not easy for the UAEFA or any organization for the difficulty of making such a decision. At the same time, we must accept any decision.”

Pedro pointed out: “Definitely, we want to play the remaining matches until the final match as per the league fixtures. We still play 7 matches, which are 21 points, and as you know, everything is possible. Yet, we have to understand any decision made by the UAEFA, especially in these difficult times, even if that contradicts our desires. We do trust that it will be the best decision.”

My Message

Jamal Marouf addressed a special message to the Ainawi fans saying that “I would like to reiterate my grateful thanks to the Ainawi Nation for supporting me in and off the pitch. I pray I would be able to pay back the No.1 player’s favor.”

Portuguese Pedro Emmanuel addressed a message to the players of Al Ain squad by wishing that they are at the best of health and highly enthusiastic precisely like him.

“I am so motivated to overcome the challenges of the new season, and my aspirations are great because together, we can achieve our goals with the support of our fans, which I hope would enjoy the games with us,” he said.

Pedro underscored: “We play for them, and as I always say, we are stronger together.”

The head coach concluded his statement by hailing the way Al Ain’s family received him. “Since my first moments in the club, everybody received me warmly, including the players, management, staff, and fans, and I believe we enjoy good mutual relations. I hope that we all would receive great support to achieve super results and to overcome these difficult moments, not at the level of football, but in our lives in general, and we return to enjoying football in the UAE.”