Pedro: Got A Crystal-Clear Strategy and It is All About Deeds Not Words


We Look for the Talented and Quality Players and Our Doors Still Open for More Contracts

I Understand the Fans Concerns Regarding the Boss Defenders and Age Average

We Handel Issues Professionally and Seek to Display our Strong Charisma

On an exclusive statement to Al Ain TV, Pedro Emmanuel stated: “I am well aware of the concerns regarding the backline of the team and the average age of the defenders. However, we are going to find the best solutions for the upcoming period.”

“Our goal is not to have a strong backline, but we seek to have a full strong team. We did show during the second leg of the past season that we are stronger than ever, and this is our strategy. The mentality we have here in Al Ain is that we are stronger in each match and training session. It is all about deeds, not words,” he said.

Responding to a question on the recent deals concluded by the Club, namely Fahd Hadid and Ibrahim Al Kaabi, he said: “As for the national players, we are always looking for quality players to have the required added value. Talking about the goalkeeper Ibrahim, we are always looking for competition in this position. We have Khalid Eisa, the goalkeeper of the UAE National Football Team, Mohammed Saeed Bu Senda, and Hamad Al Mansouri. I am sure his teammates welcome him. We need four players in this position, and this is why we have Ibrahim onboard.”

He went on to say: “Fahad Hadid enjoys the quality we are looking for in the transfer market. He is a fast player and could play deep, and on top, he enjoys skills that we are missing in the team. We have injured players like Mohammed Khalfan, who started his rehabilitation program after a successful ALC. We have Jamal Marouf, whom I prefer to have him as a striker, so we do not have enough players as wingers. I do welcome both new players and hope they will be of an added value to the team.”

Pedro pointed out: “Doors are open to every player who has the skill and capabilities that we are looking for during the window of the transfer market. There are names that we are trying to join them to the team, given that we would have a long season and intense competitions at the local and continental levels. We must find the required solutions at all times, so we try to have national players sign for the team as they know that Al Ain is a big club, and the desire to play for the Boss. We would give them this opportunity.”

Commenting on a question about transferring Falah Walid and Ali Eid to Kalba and Khor Fakkan on loan, he said: “ I believe it is normal. They are young players, and they should have important challenges that allow them to play for the first team.”

“Falah and Eid played for Al Ain Reserved Team for a long time, and they would not have many chances to play for the first team in the Arabian Gulf League. This is why we did not hesitate to loan them to other teams. They also were thinking about this issue as they want to play more games in the current stage of their professional career. They want to improve their level of performance, which is important for them. If they perform well, the management would definitely end their loan contract and could play for the first team,” Pedro said.

On joining Ali Al Blooshi, Saud Al Mehri, Fahd Al Ghaithi, and Saud Al Abri to the first team recently, he said: “Joining young players from the Reserved Team and Al Ain Football Academy something I am always thinking about. If these players show good capabilities in defending the Club’s crest, they will join the first team. I do care about 17, 18, and 19 years old players who are highly skilled and allow them to play games. We always look at Al Ain Academy as the Club’s future by offering solutions to the first team.”