Pedro: We Do Our Best to Find the Best Solutions to Overcome the Issue of Absent Players and Snatch the Match’s Three Points


“We have to play strongly with a high level of concentration to fulfill our main objective of this match, i.e., to score goals and finish with a clean sheet to ensure winning the match’s three points while showing all due respect to the opponent,” Pedro Emmanuel stated in the pre-match press conference dedicated for his team’s matchweek 6 of Arabian Gulf League against Al Wasl scheduled to be held on Friday 18th November 2020 at 06:00 p.m.

He added: “We will play our game per our plan while focusing on the details that serve our best interests. We all know that we are playing against a good opponent with an aggressive front line who enjoy quality skills.”

Pedro pointed out that the team suffered in the past official matches for missing key players. “We missed 12 players in our recent match of Arabian Gulf Cup against Khorfakkan, and we hope the number would be less than this. Meanwhile, we still have certain players who are injured, namely Ahmad Barman and Caio Canedo, who suffered from minor injuries during their participation in the recent two matches of the UAE Football National Team. Also, we have Mohammed Shaker, who was injured by the end of our last match.”

“As for Laba Kodjo, we have to assess his injury and wait until the last minute to make the final decision. All these players are important for the team. We know well that we are in deep need for them to be a strong team. This is why I seek to select the best players to be a stronger team and clinch the match’s three points,” he said.

Pedro highlighted how important to focus on the team’s next match against Al Wasl and “this is what we are focusing on and t select the ready and available players.”

He said that he wants all his players in form and be ready for the next match, although he knows well it is difficult. “We have to keep going in our work, perform well, and win the three points.”

Commenting on a question on the backline conditions given that the team will miss Shiotani and Erik, he stated: “It seems that the backline is suffering from a curse, but we have to find solutions. Shiotani will not play as he received his third yellow card, and Erik was sent off the pitch with a red card in his pocket. We also miss Ismael Ahmad and Mohammed Ahmad for being injured, and we would consider Mohammed Shaker’s medical status.”

Pedro expressed his full confidence in the young players’ potentials by saying, “I believe if we work as one team, things absolutely will be better each time we play games. We will find solutions from within the team, and we have players from the Reserved Team who will assist their teammates in the coming match.”

He signed off: “We will do what we are meant to do and make the right decisions regarding the team’s lineup. We hope all will be well.”