Pedro: We Respect Hatta’s Aspiriations and We Seek to Add more 3 Points to Our Balance


We are scheduled to play our last three matches within three days interval and the team’s goal remains the same, i.e. to snatch the match three points, Al Ain head coach Pedro Emmanuel inaugurated the pre- match press conference of the last match of this season.

The matchweek 26 of AGL is scheduled to be played at Khalifa Stadium instead of Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium as the latter will be the venue of the final match of the President’s Cup on 16 May 2021.

He added: “We would play our last match against Hatta who is confirmed to relegate to the first division. This means they would play their last match with no pressures.”

He also said that his team is to enjoy this match and be ready for it, while showing great respects to the guests and the Boss loya fans as well.

Pedro pointed out that tha Boss has to add another and last three points to be 41 points. He stressed that this is what the team is focusing on.