Pedro: We Were Aware the Two Teams Will Have a Difficult Mission


“We did know that the match would not be an easy mission for both teams, given the factors of weather and high humidity,” Pedro Emmanuel inaugurated the post-match press conference of matchweek 24 of AGL between Al Ain and Ittihad Kalba.

He added: “We were so patient at the beginning of the match and tried to take the lead by scoring earlier. We had great three chances, but the players were not lucky enough to make it happen until the moment we scored our first goal. You know the majority of the squad now are young players, and we are in deep need to boost their motivation and build up their self-confidence.”

He pointed out that the home team leveled up the result from the penalty point after referring to the VAR referees, and “I do not know whether the decision was right or not.”

Pedro stated that the second half was more complicated than the first half due to high humidity levels, especially in the last twenty minutes. He also said: “This is why we replaced certain players to improve the team’s performance.”

He signed off by saying: “By the end of the day, we won only one point instead of three points.”