The Boss Acknowledges Efforts Exerted by Abu Dhabi Police in Delivering Renowned International Services

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Brigadier Jumaa Salem Al Kaabi, Director of Al Ain Police Directorate, received a delegation representing the Al Ain Football Club Company headed by Dr. Matar Al Darmaki, Chairman of Al Ain Football Club Company.

During the meeting, the Al Ain Club representatives hailed the dedicated efforts exerted by the General Headquarters of Abu Dhabi Police and their commitment to delivering outstanding policing services to Emiratis, residents, and visitors of Abu Dhabi consistent with the highest international indices in fields of security and safety.

Al Ain Football Club Company delegation was received by Colonel Fahad bin Barrak Al Dhaheri, Deputy Director of Police Centers, Colonel Mohammed Hamdan Al Mendari, Deputy Director of Administrative and Operations, and other officers from Al Ain Police Directorate.

The Director of the Al Ain Police Directorate welcomed the delegation, expressing his appreciation to the management of Al Ain Club, who is always keen to promote a culture of permanent communication with all institutions inside and outside the city. He stressed Al Ain Police Directorate’s commitment to promoting communication with all entities and institutions to provide the best services to the community of Al Ain City.

He provoked Allah Almighty to perpetuate His blessings on this blessed homeland and preserve the UAE wise leadership who furnished all the grounds for the security and safety of society and established the values ​​of tolerance, giving, and development in the UAE nation.

In his turn, Dr. Matar Al Darmaki praised the critical role played by the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters in providing the best community and guidance services during the pandemic. Its staff was an integral part of the UAE’s first line of defense, which is a matter of pride and appreciation, and they deserve salutations and sincerest gratitude.

He added: “This visit comes to express our gratitude, thanks, and appreciation to the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, one of our most prominent and leading government institutions in adopting the principle of excellence, quality, and creativity. Its staff has been working with high professionalism and efficiency for a safe and stable society. This highly contributed to reducing crime rates and enhancing the concepts of justice in a manner that enhanced the public’s confidence in the police services in line with its vision, mission, and institutional values.”

He also stated: “We have also come today to confirm the Al Ain Club’s eagerness to have more remarkable levels of cooperation and active participation in all the creative initiatives adopted by the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters and the Al Ain Police Directorate to serve better the members of the city’s community, including Emiratis, residents, and visitors to of the Gardens City.”

At the end of the visit, Dr. Matar Al Darmaki exchanged commemorative shields with Brigadier and Jumaa Salem Al Kaabi.

The delegation of Al Ain Club consisted of Salem Al Junaibi, Board of Directors Member, Abdullah Ali, Supervisor of the Al Ain First Football Team, Khalfan Al Shamesi, Sports Director of Al Ain Club Football Company, and the players of the first team, Yassin Meriah, Christian Guanca and Mohammad Abbas. They, in turn, were keen to gift the Director of the Police Directorate, officers, non-commissioned officers, and civilians the official Al Ain club jersey that holds the signature of all first-team players, as an expression of their sincere thanks and appreciation for the outstanding efforts they have been exerting in service of the city’s community.

Noteworthy, the visit comes as a realization of the Club’s management vision to promote communication with all governmental and private institutions, sectors and entities, to provide the best services to various segments of society. It also embodies the comprehensive concept of the Club, which is not limited to the sports aspects only, and per the principle of “loyalty to the people of giving.”