Putting An Accent on Emirates Match’s Significance.. Naser Al Shkaili: Sights are Set to Win All Matches with All Due Respect to Emirates’ Aspirations


Al Ain First Football Team player, Nasser Al Shukaili, stressed that his team’s preparations for the Emirates match scheduled to be held Friday 15th October as part of the first leg of the PLC Pro Cup went on as planned and in the usual way.

He stated: “We are well aware of what we are meant to do, especially we are playing at home and among our fans. We must do our best because our goals are clear against all competitors, that is to win the opponent. We have to play this first leg match by high concentration and not to miss any chance to score.”

In response to a question about the team’s preparations in the absence of the most prominent players, particularly the “internationals”, he said: “The coaching team, led by the Ukrainian Sergiy Rebrov, works on the principle of giving confidence to all the players who are eligible to defend the team’s badge and to make the appropriate substitutions ready to face all the circumstances that might face. We work as a team to achieve one goal, i.e., to beat the Emirates in the first leg match with all due respect for the ambitions of the opponent.”

Regarding the Professional League Cup, he said: “It is certainly an official competition, and any player who has the opportunity to enter the challenge and defend the Al Ain logo is well aware that he has a great responsibility, because the Boss does not play in any competition for the sake of participation. This is what we are brought up in this great club since childhood through all age groups.”

He concluded his statement by whishing his teammates all the best of luck and be able to achieve all goals that consistent with their ambitions and the aspirations of the Al Ain fans.