All the Boss’ Matches Are Critical.. Rebrov: We Must Show a High Level of Concentration and Seriousness in Next Match Against Al Wahda and Ignore Insignificant Issues


Al Ain Fans Deserve to be Happy and be Next to Players to Celebrate after Each Match

The Challenge of Absent Players Due to Injury is a Good Chance for Young Players Like Eisa Khalfan and Shukaili

Ukraine’s head coach of Al Ain stated that the main focus currently is on the players’ recovery programs. However, he stressed that it is essential to prepare the players physically and mentally for each match separately.

He stated in the pre-match press conference of matchweek 19 of ADNOC Pro League against Al Wahda that he knows the difference between our matches against each opponent well.

“I cannot divide the league matches based on the opponents’ names and places on the standing table. Many might see this as the most important match; however, I see that all the team’s matches are critical,” he said.

Rebrov added: “I understand this is a “derby” match, and everyone looks forward to watching it. But, meanwhile, I and the coaching teams and the players must focus on the next match, and there is no need to focus on any marginal issues and prepare seriously for the next match.”

As for preparing the players mentally for the match against Al Wahda, Rebrov pointed out: “Friday’s match is as any other match. Players feel excited when playing against any strong opponent, which applies to Al Wahda. Al Wahda is an organized and strong team, and we must show high seriousness to achieve the desired positive result.”

Commenting on a question on whether the clash matches between the top teams will identify the winner of the league title, he said: “I know that the six top teams are playing against each other in round 19 of the league, but I do not think that this round will determine who is the winner of the title. This will be clear by the end of the season, considering the difference in points is very close.”

“We do not know what will happen in the following rounds as it is difficult to predict anything in this league.”

He also said: “We lost several points in the first round of the league, but in the second round, we came back powerfully and have achieved great and positive results. Our team currently enjoys a high level of concentration and fights fiercely to win the title. Indeed, anything is possible by the end of the season.”

Rebrov indicated that the matches of week 19 are essential and critical, but he stressed that it is difficult to foretell the league results.

Meanwhile, he put an accent on that the next match against Al Wahda is critical and vital, and this is why the team should enjoy high levels of concentration and not in this match but in all the team’s games, and be well-prepared for them.

Responding to a question on the players that might not play against Al Wahda due to injury, he said: “As you know, we have a long list of injured players to the extent we cannot complete the list of bench players. Meantime, I believe this is a golden chance for the young players to excel and be part of the starting lineup of the first team. We now have Eisa Khalfan, who showed a good level exactly like Naser Al Shukaili.”

He added that today the coaching team and medical staff would assess the conditions of the players and decide who is in form and ready to play the next match while ensuring the recovery of injured players.

Rebrov stated that he is sure that Ainawi fans will be in Al Nahyan Stadium in massive numbers, as is the case each time Al Ain Team plays derbies.

He assured the fans that all players are highly motivated and would fight to defend the team’s badge.

“I will be happy to see the fans behind the team in Al Nahyan Stadium, precisely like our previous match against Shabab Al Ahli in Rashid Stadium.

Sergiy Rebrov concluded by saying: “Al Ain loyal fans help the team massively, and they deserve to be next to players to celebrate. Al Ain squad fights hard, and the fan’s happiness is their ultimate goal. It is good that there are good communications with the fans throughout two seasons, and I am sure players are happy when seeing fans are happy, given that they spare no effort to support the team.”