Rebrov Confirmed that Laba Will Not Play ADIP Cup Final Match Against Sharjah


“So happy to play ADIB Cup final match for the second season. I can assure you that the Al Ain squad’s preparations are underway as planned, and all the players are working hard to achieve the pre-set targets and clinch the title again,” Sergiy Rebrov stated in the pre-match press conference of the ADIB Cup final match held this morning in ADIP head office in Abu Dhabi.

Commenting on a question about losing two final cups to Al Sharjah and the impact of that on the mental side of the team’s preparations, he said: “It is expected to lose or win the world of football. I do not fear any team, and I do not fear losing any match at all. Indeed, pressures are always there in football games. It is my duty to analyze the opponent’s playing style correctly. We had a full week to prepare for this final cup match and hope we will be in form and ready to fight to win the upcoming final match.”

He added: “The team’s morale is high, and the players are passionate about winning the final cup match and presenting it to the fans. Therefore, I will adopt a balanced playing style to achieve the desired goals.”

As for Togo’s Laba Kodjo, the head coach of the Boss squad confirmed that he will not play the final match as he needs more time to recover from his injury.