We Have a Firm Will to Extend Winning Streak to Make Fans Happy.. Soufiane Rahimi: Al Ain Fans is Peerless and Boosts the Boss’ Strength in All Stadiums


Sights Set to Snatch the Match’s Three Points with All Due Respect to the Home Team, Al Wahda

Typically, Ainawi Nation Tickets Are Sold Out … It is an Unequivocal Message to All Opponents

“It is so important to win the home team, Al Wahda, next match,” Soufinae Rahimi stated in the pre-match press conference of matchweek 19 of the ADNOC Pro League against Al Wahda.

Ahead of the match scheduled on Friday, 10th March 2023, he said the Al Ain Team respects the aspirations of all opponents, particularly Al Wahda.

He also stressed that the squad knows what they are meant to be done, given the positive atmosphere experienced by a team that led to achieving positive results. He pointed out that the team must keep the same winning track.

Commenting on whether Friday’s match has any specificity, he said: “Actually, the team has a crystal-clear strategy, i.e., to deal with each match individually. The next match will be against a tough opponent; however, for us, it is no more than a match with three points. All the players have a firm will to play derby matches for the motivational atmosphere to play real football among many fans.”

As for the team’s preparations, given the tight schedule and the short time between the matchweek 19 of the league and the Super Cup match, he said: “As I mentioned earlier, we are enjoying a favorable atmosphere, especially after qualifying for the semi-final match of the President’s Cup. Our Sight is all set on the next match against Al Wahda as we have already closed the chapter of the Shabab Al Ahli match.”

“Our coaching teams, in cooperation with the medical staff, set up a recovery program and hope that players will be in form to make the Ainawi Nation happy, with all due respect to the opponents,” Rahimi said.

He availed the opportunity to address a message to the fans, saying: “I got no special message for influential and invincible fans who spare no effort to boost the team’s strength in all stadiums.”

“It is not a secret to say I felt so happy when I learned that all tickets allocated for Ainawi fans are sold out. Indeed, it is not unusual for the loyal Ainawi fans, and we hope we will make them happy,” Rahim concluded.