Rahimi’s Visit Drew A Smile on the Faces of the Players and Their Parents

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Provided Advice to Junior Football Players at Al Forsan Sports Resort

Soufiane Rahimi: Work Standards and Facilities of Al Ain Club Private Academy are of World-Class Level

Based on the vision of Al Ain Football Club intended to consolidate the one family spirit and promote the continuous communications among all sectors and the Club’s affiliated companies, Al Ain Team star player, Soufiane Rahimi, was keen to visit Al Ain Club Private Football Academy located in Al Forsan International Sports Resort in Abu Dhabi the capital.

The junior players of all age categories interacted passionately with the visit of one of the best and prominent players of the league. They and their parents who were present during his visit and even the coaching teams and admin staff could not hide the feelings of joy and happiness when it was the time to take a group photo with the Moroccan player and sign the jerseys and presenting them the special Ainawi gifts.

Soufiane availed the opportunity to advise the Academy’s players to adhere to their parents’ guidance and consultations when at home and to abide by the coaching teams’ advice and instructions when they are at the Academy. He also urged them to follow a good nutrition program and healthy diet along with paying attention to their academic studies.

“Following such golden rules and steps in your daily life will lead you all to fulfill your aspirations as distinguished players and influencers in the society. I wish you all the best of luck in your career,” Soufiane addressed the players.

Rahimi also expressed his deep pleasure for the exceptional atmosphere he experienced when he visited the Academy and the way all the age categories players interacted with him.

He pointed out: “The joy of the players and parents to communicate with the players of the first team made me happy. It is not a secret to tell you that I was reluctant to leave the Academy at that day. Everything there makes you highly motivated and the young players are so brilliant and they do represent the future of Al Ain football team.”

The Moroccan star hailed the work mechanism and systems adopted by the Academy staff and all the facilities and professional equipment available for all the players.

He concluded his statement by saying: “The Academy facilities, infrastructure, football fields, medical staff and football subject matter experts are of top notch. I have to admit that work standards and facilities of Al Ain Club Private Academy are of world-class level.”