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In an exclusive press statement to Al Ain Club’s official website, Al Ain Team’s Head Coach, Ukraine’s Sergiy Rebrov, expressed his most profound pleasure with the Ainawi fans’ support during the past season.

He stated: “The fans unlimitedly supported the squad in all the challenges we faced during the past season despite the local laws and regulations imposed due to the breakthrough of the pandemic at the beginning of the season. Naturally, a certain percentage restricted the number of fans attending matches, but they were intensely behind the players from the stands in most of the confrontations. However, I am confident they will always be with the team.”

He referred to his previous media statements stressing that everyone in the Club works for the fans and always hopes they attend all matches supporting the team.

He also said: “We want to see them in the stadium, not supporting the team at home. We all work hard to make them happy. We are sure they love this Club as we are the only Club in the city and everyone here supports us.”

Rebrov addressed a message to the fans asking them to continue their support next season as he is sure it will be more complicated than the previous one.

He commented on his strategy with the team: “I do not stop working even if I achieved all the targets. I worked as a head coach in Hungary and earned the league title three times in a row. I know that all are happy with the titles we won in the recent season; this is why we are working hard in preparation for the next season.

He also stated that I always ask the players to improve their level of performance further. He pointed out that the fans always forget about what was achieved yesterday and look forward to winning more titles. He stressed that this is what the team is trying to achieve.

First Impression
Commenting on a question on his impression of his first challenge in the ADNOC Pro League, he said: “I believe the competition will be robust. The UAE league has many distinguished foreigners who are at a good level. I also believe that the UAE League is so exciting. It is a pleasure to work here, and winning two titles in my first season with the team motivates me to continue working. I am thrilled with my experience with Al Ain Club.”

Secret Behind Rebrov’s Success
Commenting on a question on the secret behind his success with the Al Ain Club in his first experience in the ADNOC Pro League, he said: “Indeed, the secret lies in the mechanism of communication with everyone in the team. I like communicating and talking to the players and explaining things to them.”

He stressed that he does his best to create the atmosphere of one family among the players. He also said: “Even the bench players who do not play all official matches are always there and happy to be with the team. I try my best to help and explain things to them. I am delighted this season with all the bench players. Everyone is happy and working so hard even if their participation duration was 5 minutes.”

“I believe that this is the secret to success because football is a team game, and I cannot say that every player should be happy. Indeed, it is not easy to be happy, and you want to play, but you are on the bench. They understand how important they are to the team. Last season, I made it clear to the players that they could play for 5 minutes and achieve a positive result for the team in a match. This match might be the key to winning the championship,” he said.

Camp Atmosphere
He said about the atmosphere of the team’s away camp: “We missed the international players in the first five days of the camp. I know exactly how difficult last season was for them as they spent much time with the UAE national football teams. Therefore, I believed they needed more off days and deserved it, although the national team did not qualify for the World Cup.”

Rebrov commended the atmosphere of the camp by saying things were going well. He pointed out that the players are tired, yet, they are happy to be together.

He stressed that he is sure that when they play more matches, they will start to improve their fitness rates and make use of their experience.”

Best Coach
In response to a question on his superiority last season and being named the best coach on more than one occasion, he said: “Remember that I told you previously that I would be pleased to receive the award for the best coach in the last month of the league when we won the title.”

He pointed out: “I believe this is the most important thing. Of course, all awards I received are important, but the last award was the most important one because it cost us a lot on the level of the players and the personal level.”

He added: “Again, I do not pay attention to personal awards, but I care a lot about the team’s titles. If it comes to personal awards, they are special, but the most important trophies are the ADNOC Pro League and the PLC Pro Cup titles that the team won.”

More Powerful
He said his expectations for the new football season: “I am sure next season will be more powerful. I see many teams changing coaches and players. It will be difficult to renew all the players in the team, but we are the champions now and have a good experience. For me, the important thing is to understand that we have confidence in ourselves, but we have to work hard to win titles next season.”

He commented on a question about his team’s most significant challenges last season: “I don’t think much about difficulties and always try to be positive and work hard to prepare the squad for matches.”

He went on to say that he is working in a different country, and those he is dealing with have their customs and religion, and there are many other things from his homeland, Ukraine.

He stated: “But anyway, I like to work, and I am not afraid to try new things and always try to move forward. I am happy that last season we were all together. Of course, we lost some games, and it was hard to get some points. However, I believe in last season the positive points in the team outweighed negative ones.”

Important Competition
Rebrov expressed his pleasure with Al Ain’s return to participate in the AFC Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup. He described them as significant competitions for the team because they will represent UAE in these two reputable championships.

Al Ain’s head coach commented on the team’s preparations for these two that it is still early to be ready for them, and the focus is on the league and cup competitions. However, when the time for these championships approaches, they will be an important event for the fans.

He said they are significant events, and “we will work to prepare for them at the time.”

Feeling Happy
We asked him to answer frankly about whether he is happy at Al Ain Club, and he said: “Of course, I feel thrilled because I am at Al Ain Club, and I have no doubts about that. When there were many rumors before extending my contract with the Club, I stated that if I continued to be in UAE for the next season, I would sign the contract only with Al Ain Club. Indeed, rumors were illogical and away from realities.”
He added: “I am also pleased with the fans’ support for the team last season. Also, I am happy to see them again in stadiums, and I hope there will be no restrictions on the fans’ attendance of matches.”

Rebrov commended the fans’ support for the team, saying: “Their support is unlimited, and it should not be only during derbies or big matches. But, unfortunately, they are no more than three points.”

“As I mentioned before, I was happy to work with the fans last season. I am sure that next season we will work for hand in hand together.”

Summer Holiday
Commenting on a question about how he spent his vacation during the summer, he said: “Certainly, the holiday was lovely, and I spent it with my family, and this is the first time I have taken a long vacation for more than one month.

He concluded his statement: “My family was happy to be with me, and I believe I took enough off days. I miss playing football, and I miss working with the players. Now everyone is happy to be back at work again.”