Stressed How Important To Win Khorfakkan.. Bu Senda: I Am Thrilled To Be Back to the Boss Squad


Ready for the next match after his recovery from the recent injury, Mohammed Saeed Bu Senda, Al Ain Goalkeeper, expressed his deep desire to rejoin the Boss squad and play in all the team’s matches defense of the Boss badge.

He explained: “We understand how important this match is to compensate for the first leg match against Khorfakkan. We would fight to secure the result that absolutely will open the doors for us to qualify to the next stage. We also respect the opponent’s aspirations, who perform well since the start of the competition.”

“I am thrilled to be back to the training sessions and playing matches a long time,” he stated in the pre-match press conference dedicated to the round2 match of Arabian Gulf Cup against Khorfakkan scheduled to be held on Friday 13th November 2020.

He stated that he experienced a hard time after being injured. “However, I received massive support from my Club, coaching teams, and my teammates, particularly the team’s goalkeepers under the command of my brother and friend Khalid Eisa who used to motivate in his ow style and unique character to keep going and be committed to attending the rehabilitation sessions. I believe that any player who enjoys such outstanding care would be back to the team soon.”

As for the rehabilitation programs he enrolled, he said: “We all in Al Ain Club are so lucky to have the first medical committee at the local level. It is not a secret that the immediate care and follow-up I received by the Medical Committee Chairman and members while I was still suffering from that injury. It was one of the most significant reasons for my speedy recovery.”

He went on to say: “When I left the pitch via the ambulance, I was surprised by the presence of several members of the Medical Committee headed by Dr. Talal Al Khazraji, in the hospital.”

He stated that Dr. Al Khazraji, a medical doctor team, is formed to follow up on my case. He asked me not to worry; although I was frustrated and convinced to undergo surgery, the team of doctors, made up of members of the medical committee, recommended not perform that surgery not be performed.

He added: “Doctors of the Medical Committee told me that they are not looking for the easiest solutions, but rather the most effective. They asked me not to worry or to be in a rush.”

“I conducted further medical checkups and MRI. I enrolled in an extensive rehabilitation program, which I adhered to all its items. Thank God and then the effort exerted by the Medical Committee today I am back to the squad and training sessions.”

Al Ain Goalkeeper signed off by extending his sincerest thanks to all Ainawi fans who always support the team’s players in the worst and most challenging times. “I received a massive encouragement, and that led to overcoming the injury circumstances.

Noteworthy, Mohammed Bus Senda suffered from knee ligaments during the team’s match against Al Dhafra held on 22 August 2020 as part of round1 of the ADSC Friendly Tournament in preparation for the current season.