Stressed that The Boss Deserved to Win.. Sergiy Rebrov: Proud of My Squad and Wonder How they whistle for a Penalty Kick


Caio Deserves to Play the Derby Match and Performed Well

Head Coach of Al Ain First Football Team Ukraine’s Sergiy Rebrov stated that he is proud of his players’ performance for job well done.

In the post-match press conference of matchweek 6 of ADNOC Pro League, he expressed plainly that his team deserved to win the three points and wondered how the match referee pointed to the penalty point although “I believe it was not a penalty kick.”

Responding to a question on the second draw result in a row following the series of victories as of the kickoff of the season, he said: “As a matter of fact, I do not pay attention to the issue of being at the top spot. I only focus on analyzing the last match and next one.”

He pointed out that Al Ain Team was placed sixth and this season there is an apparent progress and improvement in the team’s performance and players’ skills.

“I believe tonight’s match is the best compared to the ones they played since the beginning of the league. I am so proud of the squad’s performance,” he said.

Commenting on a question on Caio’s participation in this match although he suffering physically, he said: “I believe that Caio deserves to play tonight compared to the efforts he exerted during the last week training sessions. He did well during the 60 minutes he played and fulfilled his defensive and offensive tasks. I am really happy with his performance.”

He concluded the press conference by answering a question regarding when the fans would see the best and final formation of the Al Ain lineup. He said: “As I stated earlier, we always prepare for each match separately. Today’s lineup against Al Wahda was good and we created many chances to score but we were not lucky enough to score against a good and strong opponent.”