Stressed that the Coach, Fans, and Players Do Make the Difference in Derby matches.. Bandar Al Ahbabi: Positivity and Optimism Dominate the Atmosphere of the Pre-Match Training Sessions


Al Ain’s “International” player stated that his team’s pre-match preparations went well and as planned. “The head coach and the assistant coaching team set up all the arrangements and plans for our coming match against Al Jazira. We will spare no efforts to implement them in the right manner, and positivity and optimism dominate the atmosphere of the training sessions.”

On the secret of his unprecedented top performance during the past matches of the league, he said: “I do believe that each player looks forward to improving his skills and boost up his performance. This will be the trigger for him to do his best and keep going with his stunning development. Also, not to forget the fans’ support, which motivates the player to push himself to the limit. We have to admit that football is a collective game and being the star of ay match is the result of his teammates’ support, and we all promise to do our best in all the remaining matches of this season.”

On how he sees the next clash match against Al Jazira, he pointed out: “Al Jazira is a big team, and we are determined to win the guest. However, we need to keep going on the right track regardless which team we will be playing against. Suppose that we win Al Jazira, but we lost to Al Fujairah or Bani Yas, then as if we have done nothing.”

Bandar underlined that all matches receive the proper attention, and each game equals three points. He expressed his sincere wishes to see the fans in the standings of Hazza bin Zayed Stadium while wishing his teammate all the best.