Thanks Go to My Mum.. Fahad Hadid: I respect Pedro’s decisions and the bench does not annoy me


The professional mentality of the Boss stars makes the difference
My mood sets how I will celebrate scoring a goal
The Best Player Award stimulates me

Al Ain Club player Fahd Hadid considered his team’s winning Al Dhafra in matchweek 5of the Arabian Gulf League is incredibly essential and triggers the team’s aspirations to keep going.

“We lost seven points since the beginning of the competition,” he said in an exclusive interview with the “Al Ain this Evening” program broadcasted on Al Ain TV Channel.

In response to a question on the impact of his presence in the bench area on his ambitions, he said: “First of all and most important is that I am a professional footballer and respect the coach’s decisions. Indeed, I fully trust his vision and understand what I am meant to do. Once I have the opportunity, I must push myself to the limit and show my fighting spirit and turn the coach’s trust in me into deeds on the ground, even if they are only two minutes. When I am on the bench, I follow up and identify what we should do. When I have the chance to join the squad, I exert lots of effort to implement the coach’s instructions.”

Commenting on a question about the secret of his super performance with the team, he said: “Thanks to God for all His blessings and thanks then go to my teammates, management, coaching teams for their support. This would definitely help any professional football player who enjoys the skill and speed to achieve what he is meant to do on the pitch.”

Hadid said: “I would like to avail this opportunity and through your program to extend my sincere appreciation for my mother who always provokes to God to guide me to the right path.”

On the Best Player Award granted by the fans via online poll following the end of his team’s match against Al Dhafra, he pointed out that such an award stimulates the player to do more and be better. “You know the way to the final stages of the league and winning the title is still long, and we have great goals. We are Al Ain and required to compete to win all titles.”

Regarding the differences between Al Ain and other clubs in terms of professionalism, he said: “Al Ain enjoys the culture of winning titles the players possess the mentality of returning to matches soon and turn the table on any team, whatever the circumstances. If the team concedes two or three goals at any moment, the players could change the result and win the match. Moreover, the team has distinguished medical staff and would like to thank Dr. Mohsen Belhouz, who is keen to follow up on the smallest details of any the player’s medical case, starting with diet, weight, and many other important matters for the football players.”
When asked about scoring in the added-on time in the last two matches, he said: “It depends on when you have the chance to be one of the first eleven players. When it comes to me, I do not consider the match would finish within 90 minutes, and I always add more five minutes in which we could make the difference even if we are down by two or three goals. This does not make any difference as the most important thing is to keep going.”

As for his unique style of celebrating scoring goals, he said: “It is called the Joker dance. The most important thing is to win the match regardless if I scored or not. Celebrating scoring goals depends on the player’s mood.”