The AFC Tasks Seri Lanka’s Pereira to Run the Playoff Match of Al Ain and Foolad Teams


The AFC has officially announced the names of the referees and officials list of names tasked to manage the UAE’s Al Ain and Iran’s Foolad football teams.

The playoff match of ACL-2021 is scheduled to be held on Saturday 10th April 2021 at the Prince Feisal Bin Fahd in Al Milz.

The AFC tasked Singapore’s Zubair Mohammed Othman, Commissioned Officer to supervise the teams’ accommodation and football fields, Lebanon’s Dr. Bashir Shafiq, Match Commissioner.

The AFC also tasked Seri Lankan team of referees to manage the match headed by Hetikan Kanamej Pereira, Match Referee, assisted by Denny Gidara, First Assistant Referee, Willabad Hoyeg, Second Assistant Referee. The Omani referee Omar Mubarak was tasked as the fourth official.