The “Boss’” Fans Trump The “Emperor” In an Exciting Confrontation at Za’beel

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El Clasico match commenced with an exciting conformation in the standing of Za’beel Stadium prior the kickoff whistle mainly when the two teams entered into the football field. Al Wasl fans lifted a beautiful Tifo made of colored cubes mediated by football. However, that beautiful painting was not completed due to the lack of Al Wasl fans to fill in the stands assigned for them prior the kickoff whistle.

In return, Al Ain’s fans response from their standings assigned for them was more exhilarating by revealing a smiling face that looks at Al Wasl Fans’ “Tifo” as if wondering, “Is this all what you have?”

Then the smiling face disappeared and the Ainawi nation replaced it with the league trophy tifo in bright “Purple” colors conveying a message “downloading” in Al Ain’s cabinets.

At the 10th minute of the match, the fans launched another initiative from their stands who were keen to raise violet cubes with number “10” distributed among all Ainawis by Al Ain Fans Affairs Office. The fans were chanting “Amoory … The Legend” while cheering the captain of the team.