The “Boss” Stars Interact Remarkably with PLC’s “Integrity” Workshop Held in Al Ain Club

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With the cooperation of the UAE Football Association (UAEFA) and in line with the basic requirements of the AFC for licencing clubs and educating the stakeholders on their roles and rights to realize principles of the fair play, the Professional League Committee (PLC) has organized today, Sunday 9 Sep., a workshop entitled “Integrity” at the main conference room of Al Ain Club.

Al Ain first and reserved teams’ players along with the administrative, technical and medical staffs interacted remarkably with the rich and worthy information delivered by Hamad Al Junaibi, Director of Clubs Development and Licences at PLC.

Al Junaibi stressed in his comprehensive presentation that “integrity” is always associated with two key pillars, namely: match fixing and doping.

Al Junaibi reviewed the goals of organizing the workshop which include raising the awareness of all players and technical, administrative and medical staffs on how to handle all situations related to match fixing, doping, identifying all actions to deal with unfair play situations and punishments in place for those who commit such actions.

“Indeed, UAEFA, PLCE and all member clubs constitute the basic pillars of all UAE football system. All members of this system are key partners and held accountable to implement integrity principles in all competitions at the local, regional, continental and international levels,” he stressed.

During the workshop, Al Junaibi tackled all aspects related to doping highlighting all procedures adopted by PLC in outset of each season. He identified doping’s negative impacts, risks associated with using them and all procedures related to doping tests during official matches and training sessions.

Al Junaibi concluded the workshop by a quick wrap up while urging all the attendees to read thoroughly the regulations of competitions which are uploaded at the official websites of all local and international sports associations. He underlined: “It is important for everybody to know his rights and obligations as football is not only a mere game; on the contrary, it is associated with human and ethical values, cooperation and be introduced to other nations’ cultures.”