The Joker … Innovative Welcoming Message Al Ain Nation Tifo .. The Winning Card … The Difficult Number

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The Al Ain Club Fans Affairs Office renewed its exceptional initiatives linked to excellence and leadership, and addressed several messages through the dedicated “Tifo” covering the Ainawi stands. The Tifo was used during the Al Ain and Emirates match.

The tifo presented the image of the “Joker” which embodies the trump card in all challenges. It reflects the idea that Ainawi fans are always behind the team and never change whatever the circumstances are. The fans are one of the most prominent winning cards in the Boss matches.

The tifo is also a direct welcome message to the new players, who have recently joined the team’s lineup to be added to the winning cards of the team. The new players are Argentina’s Christian Guanca, Tunisian Yassin Meriah, Moroccan Soufiane Rahimi, Ivorian resident Kwame Aton, Sultan Al Shamesi, Sultan Al Mantheri, and Saeed Ahmed.