We Have Our Technique and Trust our Potentials.. Pedro: Fully Determined to Improve our Position in the Standing Table to Make Everybody Happy


We Pledged to Show Our Fighting and Challenging Spirit and To Take Our Chances

Our Mission is not Easy and Still Have the Chance to Snatch One of the Two Qualifying Cards

“We understand that all matches are so important for us before playing our first official match this season days ago. As I mentioned earlier, our past match was good given that we did not play in the past seven months,” Pedro Emmanuel, Al Ain FC head coach, opened the pre-match press conference dedicated to round 4 match of ACL-2020.

He stressed that it is not a secret to he enjoyed the team’s performance and expects to keep on the same level of performance during the upcoming match. He justified that by highlighting the fact we know our opponent’s style of playing and aggressiveness, “yet, we have our technique of playing and trust that we would achieve the pre-set goals.”

Commenting on a question regarding his squad’s readiness for the new challenge within this short period and playing against the same opponent, he said: “Tomorrow’s match would be good considering both teams’ significant performance. We have furnished all that it takes to ensure watching an enjoyable and fervent match. Indeed, we have two or even three plans for each match, as in certain moments of the match, you have to adapt to the changes flawlessly. We are trying hard to be good in all phases of the match, and still, we are determined to achieve our crystal-clear goals.”

Pedro responded to a comment that the opponent has a strong front line by stating that he does trust his squad’s potentials and that they all so keen to be so close to the opponent and improve their rank in the standing table.

“This is why we should perform better than the first match, and those who see that our attacks were not that much in the first match, they should know that we got more chances to score.”

As for his team’s surprising performance in the first leg match, he said,” I believe that the players’ aspirations would not soar below the sky after their significant performance in the first match. Also, we have our chances to qualify though it is not easy.”

He went on to say that the team promised the club members and fans to make them happy not to waste any chance to meet the expectations and make them all happy.

He signed off saying that “we are playing against a tough team in terms of their frontline, and it is difficult that we might not concede any goal. However, we would fight, dominate the match, create chances, and turn them into goals. Winning any match is possible in the football game.”