We Played to Win.. Pedro: Not Happy to be Held at A Draw to Al Jazira


The Al Ain Team’s head coach expressed his dissatisfaction with the draw result of matchweek 12 of the Arabian Gulf League against Al Jazira at the post-match press conference.

“The result was disappointing for the players of the two teams and me. We had a perfect plan to win the match’s three points. Al Ain’s players showed their commitment to the technical instructions and how to manage the match while acquiring the ball or without the ball,” Pedro stated.

He added that sending Yahiya Nader off the pitch with a red card complicated the situation. He said: “Everyone knows that such mistakes put the team in a difficult situation. Personally, I trust Nader’s skills, but committing such mistakes within three minutes makes us face a hard time. It is a lesson to be learned, and we have to know how to handle such situations in the right manner. Indeed, we knew that our mission would not be easy after that red card.”

Pedro pointed out that he tried to create a balance with the beginning of the second half and “as you all know that Laba did not play for a long time, this is why I kept Caio who was the star of the match, and we enhanced the defense line, exert pressure on Jazira players and closed all spaces. We know that Al Jazira has the quality and skillful players.”

He went on to say that the second half was not easy for my team, and Al Jazira succeeded in leveling the result as they dominated the match.

“By the end of the day, the match ended by a 2-2 draw. We know that any team could score a goal at that time and win the match, but we won only one point and lost the other two. We planned to snatch the three points, and the team did well against a full and well-organized team although we were down by one man.”

Pedro concluded his statement by extending his sincerest greetings to everybody in the Club, Al Ain City, and the whole world a few hours before the new year and wishing them that the new year brings them health and a better future without Corona.