Weather Temperatures in August Do Not Help Resume AGL Activities Intensely.. Chairman of Medical Committee Proposes Certain Amendments to Protect Players from Injuries


Dr. Talal Al Khazraji, Chairman of Al Ain Medical Committee of Al Ain Football Club Company, stressed that the weather conditions during August do not help resume the activities of the Arabian Gulf League unless the UAEFA adopts certain amendments to its regulations.

In an interview hosted by “Al Ain in A Week” Show broadcasted by Al Ain TV Channel, Dr. Talal stated: “These amendments should be adopted to prevent players from being exposed to injuries, given that preparations period would be kicked off by July. Indeed, training sessions would be intense to boost the players’ physical fitness, and we have to consider the fact that high temperatures and humidity would have negative impacts on the players’ health and concentration, as well as the psychological pressures.”

On the amendments he suggests to protect the players during the coming period, Dr. Talal said: “I believe that resuming the league on August which is featured by the high temperatures and humidity shall impose certain limitations regarding the timings of kicking off the matches by 08:00 p.m. as temperature degrees start to cool down.”

Dr. Talal also stated: “From a medical point of view and considering the hot weather conditions, we also recommend to increase the number of substitutes to be 7 instead of 3 players. This would definitely reduce the rate of injuries and lower the players’ physical burden by 50%. Also, this would boost the technical level of matches by distributing the burden among all the lineup of the team.”