Željko Šobić: Al Ain is a Big Team and Able to Meet the Fans’ Aspirations


Croatia’s head coach of Al Ain Team, Željko Šobić, stressed that Al Ain’s preparations for the coming match against the Emirates FC in matchweek 14 of the Arabian Gulf League are going on as planned. “There are certain players, specifically the international ones including Japan’s Shiotani need more break time following their participation in the AFC Asian Cup- UAE 2019. However, we are so determined to keep our records and snatch the 3 points of the match to compete to top the standing table of AGL.”

Commenting on his countryman’s departure, Šobić stated that Al Ain is a big team and has a full squad of stars who proved themselves in many occasions that the could make the difference in difficult times. “They all know what they are meant to do and absolutely the coming match will not be an easy one. We are required to show our best and win the match,” he said in the pre-match press conference.

He added: “Yes, Zoran left the Al Ain Club, but it is very normal in the world of football. Sometimes some head coaches leave their clubs at the beginning of the season and sometimes in mid or end of the season. Personally, I was a member of the coaching team last season and I hope that we will succeed in our next task by clinching the 3 points as I stated earlier.”

Responding to a question on whether he knows the opponent team well, he said: “We are well acquainted with the Emirates Club, specially that the team has new players during the winter transfer window. I think these changes are logical in order to correct the team’s situation and improve the results in the second round of AGL. But we are the Al Ain and we are required to work to show our strong personality, especially we are playing at home and among our fans.”