Since the UAE is on its way to becoming one of the main sports hubs in the world, Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club has realized the necessity of establishing a handball team that can play throughout the five continents with over 180 countries, worldwide.

Therefore, AASCC first handball team was formed in 1975, and a group of Emirati and foreign talents participated in the Public League tournaments for the 1975-76 Season.

The first handball team was trained and lead by the Egyptian coach, Sayed Saeed Abbas, which was followed by bringing in foreign players, exposing the team to international experience and lifting up their performance.  Such stars included Egyptian League player, Hassan Saqr & Hussein Labeeb, who both played with the first team in 1977-78.

In the 1978-79 Season, the team won the League Championship for the first time, while in the 1979-80 Season, it won the President’s Cup for the first time. The team, then, won the League Championship five times during the 78-79, 80-81, 81-82, 93-94 and 97-98 seasons and won the President’s Cup five times in 79-80, 81-82, 88-89, 2004-05 and 2005-06 seasons.

At the international level, the team won the 1981 Arab Clubs Championship in Jordan and the GCC Champions League in 1981. Moreover, during the 2012-13 Season, the Cubs team made it to the first place in the Public League and in the President’s Cup.

Handball Team


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