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Mohammad bin Thaloub: On the Night of the “14th” League Title, We Remember the Founder’s Support for Our Great Club

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Hazza Bin Zayed’s Decisions Establish an Important Milestone in the Club’s History

Sultan bin Hamdan is an Outstanding Leader and a Loyal Lover of the Al Ain Club

The “Boss” Stars Were Up to The Challenge and Deserved to Be Crowned with The Title

Rebrov Made the Difference with The Team

Al Ain Fans Were the Reason for The “Boss” Victories

The Professional Work of the Administrative Staff Deserves to Be Commended and Appreciated

“As we live in the moments in which the “Boss” crowned with their the 14th title of the Pro League, we also remember the foundation phase. Therefore, we do enjoy the feelings of honor and pride in this entity. This lofty sports entity was established to be big per crystal-clear goals and reflect the vision of the founder of this great edifice, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, “may God rest his soul in peace.” The first Ainawi knew well this based on his wisdom and vision,” His Excellency Mohammed bin Thaloub Al Deri, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Club Investment Company, stated in a press statement following Al Ain Team was officially crowned the ADNOC Prof League title.

Mr. Chairman confirmed that the decisions of His Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice Chairman of the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi, First Vice President of the Club, First Vice President of the Honorary Council, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, to appoint His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan as the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, Chairman of the Executive Committee, and the formation of the Executive Committee establishes a vital milestone in the history of the Club.

He stressed that the Al Ain Club continues to follow a straightforward approach and a successful strategy laid out by His Highness Hazza bin Zayed. This has always led the Club to achieve its desired goals locally and internationally.

The Chairman of Al Ain Club Investment Company pointed out that the patronage, support, and great attention of His Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan to the Club and his trust in the Club’s Board Of Directors and its affiliates motivated all the Club’s members and furnished all the success grounds to be honored on coronation podiums.

He indicated: “Sheikh Hazza is the founder of the success strategy of one of the largest sports entities in the Asian continent.”

He added: “His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan is known for his brilliant management philosophy. His name has been associated with great successes in several fields, especially sports. Moreover, his vision of work is based on the principle of strategic planning and being an outstanding and loving leader. This is the norm here in the Ainawi house.”

Bin Thaloub hailed Sheikh Hamdan’s achievements, saying: “It is sufficient that His Highness made a qualitative leap in the concept of digital media through the pioneering contributions adopted by the UAE Leader Electronic Multimedia Foundation in supporting the club’s ambitions through the 2003 AFC Champions League when he was head of that institution at the time.”

The Chairman of Al Ain Club Investment Company praised the critical role played by Al Ain Football Club Company, chaired by Dr. Matar Al Darmaki. He also commended the efforts exerted by the administrative and technical teams of the first team.

“They adopted a wonderful professional style by the Ukrainian coach Sergiy Rebrov, who made the difference with the players only in one season. It was not easy! This season was full of challenges, but the stars of the “Boss” were up to the challenge and deserved to be on the coronation podium at the end of the season,” he said.

H.E. Mohammed bin Thaloub Al Deri expressed his deep appreciation to the Club’s partners and official sponsors, who are considered partners in this achievement through their keenness to adopt the best practices to support the team and the Al Ain fans.

“Partners and sponsors spare no effort to support the team and its fans through specific initiatives that have been remarkably accepted by the fans of this great Club and all its members. Therefore, the next season will certainly witness greater cooperation and better interaction than the current one because the Ainawis’ ambitions in each season are greater than the previous one,” he said.

He concluded his statement by hailing the support of the Ainawi fans to achieve the Club’s aspirations from the beginning of the season until the end, which is not unusual for the Ainawi Nation, the primary motive for the Club’s achievements throughout its excellent football history.

Hailed the Generous Support of Ainawi’s Leadership.. Dr. Matar Al Darmaki: Al Ain Club is the Glory Maker and Loyal Friend of Coronation Podiums

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The Ainawi Nation is an Inexhaustible Source of Energy, and Its Glow Does Not Fade

Al Ain is the Right Fort for Cups, Shields, and Gold Medals

Al Ain Club’s Strategy Supports the Principle of Stability to Reap More Achievements

The Club’s Staff Kicks Off Preparations for the New Season

Dr. Matar Al Darmaki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Club Company, confirmed that crowning the leader with a new title is an extension of the historical achievements made by the club since its establishment by winning more shields and cups.

Al Darmaki said: “Since its inception, the club has enjoyed unlimited support from the Ainawi supporter, late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace, as his vision was for Al Ain to be one of the most prominent local, continental and international professional team. Accordingly, he established the foundations to achieve the aspirations of the team’s fans through winning titles. Indeed, this contributes to the renaissance and progress of the UAE football and provides the national teams with talented international players.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Company valued the support and great attention of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of UAE.

He stressed that the influence of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed is present in every line of the history of Al Ain Club embroidered with achievements. “It is all about Sheikh Mohammed’s insightful vision and continuous support that has turned Al Ain Club into a school for making stars and talents, a forum for football legends globally, and a proper fort for won cups, shields, and gold medals.”

Al Darmaki praised the generous support offered by His Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President of the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi, First Vice-President of the Club, First Vice President of the Honorary Council, and Chairman of the Club’s Board of Directors.

He pointed out: “His Highness Sheikh Hazza’s precious trust in the work teams and attention to the Club affairs are one of the main reasons that led the Boss to be crowned with titles and win the double titles of the current season.”

He also stated that His Highness’s successful strategy turned Al Ain Club into a role model at the local and continental levels, which became a primary source of boosting the ceiling of Al-Ainawi’s ambitions.

Dr. Matar Al Darmaki said, in a press statement after Al Ain has officially crowned the ADNOC Pro League title this evening: “I would like to commend the efforts of everyone who contributed to this achievement, which is not strange for a club that used to be crowned with titles on the coronation podiums. I am here to thank all the management, technical staff, players, medical staff and executive management, the analysis and statistics team, and every member of Al Ain Club. I cannot fail here to pay tribute to the strong support of the loyal Ainawi Nation, who was always there to support the team in all challenges. Indeed, this nation is an inexhaustible energy source, and its glow does not fade.”

He added: “The current season was exceptional, during which the team faced great challenges, but was able to overcome them thanks to the players’ focus, seriousness and the fighting spirit that they were keen to show in all the matches as of the beginning of the season to its end. It is all about everyone’s commitment to the club’s policy and the spirit of one family, which enabled the Al Ain Team to achieve their goals and reap the fruits of the efforts made by each member of the work teams in various sectors. Therefore, it is the right time to harvest the results of these dedicated efforts and see the impacts of these dedicated efforts.”

Dr. Matar Al Darmaki stressed that “Al Ain Club’s strategy supports the principle of stability to continue achieving more successes at all levels.”

He pointed out that work has begun in the club in preparation for the pre-season training camps. He stated: “Everyone looks forward to building on the successes recently achieved and enhancing the balance of its achievements by reaping more championships.”

He signed off by saying: “This requires to boost efforts. However, we have great confidence in everyone, and we are well aware that everyone feels the responsibility to build on the gains achieved in the current season.”

Under the Directives of Hazza bin Zayed.. Sultan bin Hamdan Zayed is Appointed the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Club and Chairman of the Executive Committee

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H.H. Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, First Vice President of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, First Vice President of the Honorary Council, and Chairman of the Board of Directors, issued a decision under which H.H. Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan is appointed as the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Club and its affiliates.

H.H. Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan also issued a decision to form the Executive Committee of Al Ain Club, chaired by H.H. Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Members of the Executive Committee shall be the chairmen of the Club’s companies and the Managing Director.

The Executive Committee is tasked to develop long-term strategic plans for the Club and its companies according to priorities and objectives, reviewing annual budgets, amendments to the organizational structure, updates on the power matrix, monitoring organizational performance, performance management, and reviewing financial, administrative and technical reports related to the general policy of the Al Ain Club and its affiliates.

Dr. Matar Al Darmaki: The Spirit of One Family is the Secret Behind Snatching this Season’s Two Titles

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Congratulated H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed for Winning the League and Cup Titles

Stressed that the Vision of H.H. Sheikh Hazza Bin Zayed is Behind the Team’s Coronation With the Double Titles

The Boss Stars Spread Joy in the Most Beautiful City of UAE

A Special Salute to the Ainawi Nation Who Gave the Team the Upper Hand in All Stadiums

The Work Team Handled All Challenges Professionally in Expressional Circumstances

Dr. Matar Al Darmaki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Club Company, congratulated His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces and President of Al Ain Club, on the occasion of winning the title of the ADNOC Pro League 2021-2022.

Noteworthy, this is the 14th shield that the Al Ain Team has won throughout the team’s history. The team secured the title following thrashing Al Jazira by 4-0 in matchweek 23 of the ADNC Pro League.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Club Company availed the opportunity also to congratulate His Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President of the Executive Council of the Abu Dhabi – First Vice President of the Club – First Vice President of the Honorary Council – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, on the occasion of winning the double titles of this season.

He stressed that His Highness’s insightful vision led the Boss to be crowned with the titles, noting at the same time that it was His Highness who put into words the strategy of success, excellence, advancement, and a quick return to the fields of glory.

Al Darmaki added: “I would like to congratulate my brothers, members of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, for the snatching the second title of this season after winning the PLC Pro Cup. As a result, Al Ain Team was able to earn the league title ahead of three rounds before the end of the competition.”

He also hailed the crucial role of the affiliated companies and all its departments and sectors for working in the spirit of the one family to furnish all the grounds for success. He indicated that this enabled the Boss squad to realize the desired ambitions in the current season.

He went on to say: “I also congratulate my brothers, the Vice. The chairman and members of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Club Company handled all challenges with wisdom and skill in exceptional circumstances. Together, we overcame them, thanks to Allah Almighty, and then the precious trust granted to us by His Highness, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Club.”

“Not to forget also to highlight the vital role played by the staff of Al Ain Football Club Company in the various sectors in charge of developing statistics and technical analysis dossiers, beginning with the Pro Committee members, the Company’s Executive Management, the Technical Analysis Office and all the work teams who had a heavy burden, but they won the great challenge and fulfilled their promises amid a state of pressure, which is very natural for all big clubs,” he said.

He pointed out that big clubs are always required to return strongly to championships and achieve their goals. They work hard to make their fans happy regardless of the circumstances, “given that the staff and work teams worked tirelessly, and analyzed the team’s situation realistically, adopting the best the practices established in the world’s largest football clubs, and they set goals after identifying the reasons for the decline in an unusual season. Indeed, their work deserves to be saluted and praised.”

Mr. Chairman also hailed the men of the “Boss”, the champions of the ADNOC Pro League, the stars of the first football team, the coaching teams led by the competent coach Sergiy Rebrov, the administrative staff led by Abdullah Ali Al Shamesi, the medical staff and every member of the football company for their commitment, seriousness and working in the spirit of one family. “They did their best until they could achieve the club’s goals, which are consistent with their ambitions and contribute to spreading joy and happiness throughout the most beautiful city of our homeland.”

Dr. Matar Al Darmaki saluted the Ainawi Nation, who directly contributed to the Club’s accomplishments in the current season.

He commended the fans’ role by saying: “It is not unusual for the Ainawi nation. The Al Ain fans were, are, and will remain Number One and the main reason for winning championships throughout its great history. The Boss succeeded in making the difference in all stadiums inside and outside the Al Ain City.”

The “Boss” Buys Tickets for the Al Dhafra Match for His Loyal Fans.. The Al Ain Fans Affairs Office Provides Buses and Cheering Up Kits for the Ainawi Nation

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Al Ain Club Football Company has officially announced purchasing all tickets allocated to Al Ain Club fans at Hamdan Bin Zayed Stadium in Al Dhafra Club. The matchweek 22 of ADNOC Pro League is scheduled this evening against Al Dhafra,

The football company’s initiative comes in appreciation of the important role that the Boss’ fans play in supporting the team and contributing to victories and being crowned with titles.

For its part, the Al Ain Club Fans Affairs Office announced yesterday evening the provision of cheering up kits and gifts, as well as buses to transport fans from Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium and Ajman Club to transport fans to Al Dhafra tomorrow.

Praised the Organization of the Historical PLC Pro Cup Final.. Mohammad bin Thaloub: The Al Dhafra Match is Decisive and Fateful in the Team’s Journey to Win the League Title

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The Substantial Support of the Ainawi Nation Tipped the “Boss” in the Pro Cup final

H.E. Mohammad bin Thaloub Al Deri, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Club Investment Company, said that Emirati football witnessed an important historical moment, embodied in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, in the PLC Pro Cup final match between Al Ain Team and Shabab Al Ahli.

Noteworthy, he Cup final took place yesterday and ended with the crowning of the “Boss” with his first title of the current season.

Bin Thaloub added: “It is certain that His Highness’s presence in the final match gives all sports institutions and athletes in our beloved homeland the essential motivation to keep pace with the signs of development to reach the highest indicators of success due to the care and support of His Highness he shows in sports, which is the greatest incentive for all.”

The President of Al Ain Club Investment Company congratulated His Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed, Vice President of the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi, First Vice President of the Club, First Vice President of the Honorary Council, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, on the occasion of crowning the Boss squad with the title of the PLC Pro Cup, the first title.

He also congratulated the Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Club, chaired by H.E. Dr. Matar Al Darmaki, for winning the first title this season. He said: “This comes as a result of distinguished work and diligent follow-up that led the team to the coronation podium.”

Al Deri praised the efforts of the “Boss” players under the leadership of the great Ukrainian coach, Sergiy Rebrov, and their high fighting spirit, which outweighed a strong and stubborn competitor. He stressed: “There is no loser in the Cup final honored by the presence of H.H. “Abu Khaled”, everyone received the honor and ascended to the podium.”

Mohammad bin Thaloub Al Deri praised the excellent organization of the Cup final match i under the supervision of the UAE Pro League Committee chaired by H.E. Abdullah Nasser Al Junaibi, stressing: “PLC adopted the best methods in organizing the festive programs that accompanied the final match before, during and at the moment of crowning the champion and runner-up of the Pro Cup, along with success partners and match officials, which deserved praise and appreciation.”

Bin Thaloub said that Al Ain fans drew the most beautiful image from the stands of Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium, Al Jazira Club, through the distinguished presence and exemplary cheering up of the team.

“Indeed, this gave the players the important motivation to be crowned with the title. Everyone was held accountable towards the club and realizes the players’ need for their support and standing behind the team during the upcoming matches. The team will experience crucial stages in their journey to win the league title, starting with the Al Dhafra match the day after tomorrow, Saturday.”

He signed off by wishing the team and fans all the best of luck.

Congratulated H.H. Sheikh Hazza Bin Zayed.. Dr. Matar Al Darmaki: The “Boss” Deserved to be Crowned Winner of PLC Pro Cup Title

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Throughout History, Ainawi Fans are one of the Most Important Motives to be Honored on Coronation Podiums

Working in the Spirit of One Team Consisting of Management, Players and Fans Boost the Boss Strength

Dr. Matar Al Darmaki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Club Company, congratulated His Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, First Vice President of the Club, First Vice President of the Honorary Council, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, on the occasion of crowning the “Boss” with the title of the PLC Pro Cup.

Noteworthy, the Boss turned the table over Shabab Al Ahli in the Cup final match by 7-6 (from penalty point). The match was held at the Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium this evening.

According to a clear vision and successful strategic plans, Mr. Chairman stressed that the lordly care, generous support, and great interest of His Highness Sheikh Hazza Bin Zayed brought the team back to its normal position and fiercely competed to win titles be honored on the coronation podiums.

Al Darmaki pointed out: “We hope to conclude with the team regaining the ADNOC Pro League title and enhancing its championship balance by placing the 14th shield in the club’s cupboards.”

The Chairman of Al Ain Football Club Company haled the efforts of his brothers, members of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Club Company, the Pro Committee, the coaching, and administrative teams, the players, the Boss, loyal fans, and all club members for working in the spirit of the team and one family. He pointed out that all the dedicated efforts contributed to the embodiment of the concept of integrating roles in each of his position in the Club.

in press statements after the end of the final match, Dr. Matar praised the critical role that Al Ain club fans played. “This has contributed to achieving the Club’s goals through continuous support and exemplary encouragement from the Ainawi Nation through social media platforms. It is an undeniable fact that Al Ain fans always make a difference. It is one of the most important reasons that lead the “Boss” to the podiums throughout history.

He continued: “Everyone realizes that the team has a tight schedule and the time interval between Al Ain matches during the upcoming matches is very short. The squad will play matchweek 22 of the ADNOC Pro League against Al Dhafra in only 48 hours. Indeed, the team must recover, focus and adhere to the preparation program for the important match after the “Boss” successfully completed his mission in the Cup competition.

He concluded his statement by wishing all the best of luck in achieving its goals for the current season and making the loyal fans happy.

Apologies to My Family … I Admit My Ineptitude Khaled Eisa: Ainawi Nation Was Fair with Me in the Worst Conditions, and the Club’s Management Supported Me

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May is the “Month of Harvesting,” and We Enjoy a High Level of Self-Confidence and Highly Trust the Boss’ Fans

The Club’s Management Actions Boosted the Team’s Strength and Deviated Pressures Away from Players

I wish Sergiy Rebrov Continues in His Position as the Head Coach for Many Years to Come

Generations Conflict Phenomenon is Disappointing, and Brokers Cause Damages to UAE Football

Current Generation Could Break Our Records and Previous Generations’

I always recite verses of the Holy Quran through the match minutes

Jersey No. 17 is my Trademark, and I look Forward to Play Match No. 500 with the Boss

I Lost First Horse After 5 Months of Selling It … I Ignored All Chit-Chat of the Disillusioned

In My Farm, I Release Myself From All Pressures and Interested in Horse Breeding

No one disputes his prominence, respect, love, appreciation, and leadership charisma. As a result, the Ainawi Nation conferred him several nicknames, most notably the Den Safeguard, the Guardian, and Jabal Hafeet.

He is the record holder with the “Boss” of UAE football, the goalkeeper with the highest record of saving penalty kicks in the FIFA World Club Cup history. Moreover, he was the subject of numerous articles published by the local and international media during the FIFA World Cup- UAE 2018.

His giving is not limited to sports, as he is keener on adopting community initiatives and human values. Simply, he could be described as a tactful speaker, controlling his reactions, adopting a policy of patience and wisdom no matter the challenges; he is the “international” goalkeeper… Khaled Eisa.

When the work team was formed to prepare the first episode of the “Leader” Program, we were sure that the task would be enjoyable, but at the same time, it would not be easy, considering that filming would take place during the holy month of Ramadan. Add to that, the episode’s themes will tackle several aspects of the life of the guest of the program outside the stadium. Indeed, this requires filming over two days and the fact that the guest rarely appears in the media and has other commitments, most notably volunteer work with the Red Crescent in Ramadan. He is also so keen to focus on training sessions and programs that reflect the true meaning of professionalism in dealing with the minor details of his life as a football player.

We agreed with the team of photographers and cameramen that the filming would take place on Eisa’s private farm, where we found all the reasons that separate the person from the pressures. When the team entered the farm, they found themselves “subconsciously” saying, Glory to God. At the time, we expected to find the place separate from all matters related to football, and we were surprised that there were crucial moments in the career of the international goalkeeper sculpted by an artist on the walls of the Majlis, the living room, and his private swimming pool, simply because the professional footballer’s life remains linked to the magic of football in each detail of his life.

Khaled Eisa responded to all questions with his usual boldness in all dossiers and did not ask us to delete any theme or change any part of a single question. We used to interview him with all impartiality and professionalism, but his strong responses were not without wisdom and spontaneity. Our meetings and interviews with him lasted for two consecutive days. We spared no effort throughout the two days; we did not feel tired or bored. Indeed, just to avoid any further blames, we would have asked to stay with him throughout the season so that we could reflect an accurate image of the attractive reality that he lives in and his classy dealings. We need everyone to benefit from him, especially the future generation, as he is a leader in the true sense of the word and a role model on and off the pitch.

Childhood Days
He lived his childhood in Al Shahama Area in Abu Dhabi, as usual as anyone, and he had his dreams and big ambitions like all children. Moreover, he enjoyed the curiosity that precedes the steps of character formation at school and home alike. His memories were beautiful in that beautiful area of ​​the beloved capital Abu Dhabi.

Khaled Eisa said: “My relationship with football started when I was in Al Shahama School when we used to gather to play football as childhood friends and classmates. My dream grew after I joined Al Jazira Football Academy.”

Admit Fault
Commenting on a question about managing their time as a professional “international” player and his family, he said: “There is a tax that a football player must pay. I admit the fault for not properly taking care of my family due to my commitments during training sessions or matches throughout the season. There might be people who say that training sessions or matches last for an hour and a half or two hours, but I hope those who say that work with any football team in the world for a week or two. Then, they will discover the actual life of the football player, which is difficult, and that he has not enough time for his family and children.”

Farming Project
On his relationship with agriculture, he said: “The idea of ​​establishing a farm was by chance and started from scratch. It all started when I was visiting a friend who owns a farm in the same area where I established my farm. I used to visit him in my spare time frequently. The idea began to grow, and when I assured him of my desire to establish this project, he extended a helping hand to me through advice, and by the grace of God Almighty, the farm was completed after three years; as you know that the pressures we experience are not easy and when I enter the farm, I make sure to get rid of all worries by picking fruits and taking care of animals. I need that to restore my normal condition and continue my work efficiently and properly.”

The Story of the First Horse
He said about his relationship with horses: “The first horse I owned lived with me only five months before he died. However, during that time, I learned all the details related to the details of dealing with horses. It is not a secret if I tell you that I was quite affected, and at that time, many friends advised me to stay away from this field because I knew nothing about these animals. However, by nature, I insisted on continuing to take care of and raise horses. Thanks to God Almighty, I currently own nine horses, four “beauty competitions,” and five “for riding”.

Numbers in My Life
Regarding his interest in the language of numbers, he said: “Actually, numbers are important in my life and every person’s life because numbers show the milestones in my career and on any occasion in a person’s life. These moments are associated with a specific number. For example, the number “300” means a lot to me after playing 300 matches with Al Ain. Currently, I aspire to reach 500 matches.”

He added: “The other numbers, such as 17, mean a lot to me. It was a promise I made to a dearest friend, and for the first time, I mentioned that information. I promised him that I would wear the number “17” jersey if I moved to Al Ain. It was the first clause in the items of the contract I signed with Al Ain. I am associated with this jersey number in my career, transactions, cars .. etc. It became like a brand.

Significant Appearance
On the secret of his respectable and decent dealing with the media representatives, he said: “As a matter of fact, those close to me know that I am a secondary school graduate. I do not have a bachelor’s or doctorate, but I am always keen to see and adopt a policy of listening and not speaking excessively. I assume this way of dealings in all places, including councils or watching television programs. I love to listen and learn the etiquette of conversation so that I can train others in this skill, such as my family members and friends.

One of the goals that I regretted the most when embracing my net was during our match against the South Korean Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC in the AFC Champions League 2016 final. At that time, we were taking the lead by 1-0. In the match’s dying minutes, the match referee pointed the penalty point to the home team, and I decided to go to the right side. However, Omar Abdel Rahman, the captain of the team, was pointing to the left side behind the Brazilian Leonardo, who was preparing himself to take the penalty kick. I decided not to act on the advice of any player, no matter what his name was, even if it was “Messi” himself, so as not to regret stubbornness to my hunch as I did in that match.

My Habits
In response to a question about what he is keen to stick to before or during matches, he said: “Since I was 17 years old, and until now, I thank God for helping me stick to a good habit—reciting Al-Kursi verse and Al-Mawwadhatayn verses throughout the match.

The Joy of the Homeland
About the moments of the FIFA Club World Cup- UAE 2018, he said: “It is all about the feelings of pride and honor when you are part of the happiness of your nation, not a club. Definitely, it is completely “different” when you find women, men, old people, youth, children, those interested in football and those who are not even interested in it, are happy. It is a joy of a whole homeland. When you meet people at the petrol station and malls, the matter continues for years.

He added: “This thing gives you the motivation and incentive to continue and work hard on doing it again and again. Although 90% of that generation has been changed and only Bandar, Bamboo, Barman, and Yahiya remain, the culture still exists. We still work hard to motivate the current generation, and we trust that they are currently gaining experience. In a couple of seasons, I believe that they will be able to break our records and those of the generations that preceded us.”

Normal Video Clip
Commenting on the video clip that went viral and shots taken from the changing room during the national team’s gathering and the reports linking it to a problem with Shaheen Abdel Rahman, he said: “The media is always looking for excitement or a head start. Sometimes things are distorted, and I assure you that the video clip leaked from a changing room was normal. Shaheen, my younger brother, has no dispute between him and me. I assure you that there is no misunderstanding between me and any player on the national team.”

Hard Mission
On the chances of our national team qualifying for the World Cup finals after playing the playoff stage, he said: “It is not a secret to say that our task in the playoff stage is difficult, especially since we will face two teams that have an advantage in individual and collective capabilities. However, in the statements that preceded our match against South Korea, I confirmed that we could win six matches out of ten if we played with heart and spirit. This is what happened since we played against South Korea Team despite the pressures that we suffered at the time.”

The Fans Were Fair with Me
In response to a question about being criticized at a certain period and being excluded from the national team list, he said: “It is complicated to describe how I felt at the time. However, I always adopt the principle of silence and not listening to all people in such circumstances. I am keen to listen to the meaningful and constructive criticism that benefits my team and me. Some spoke that my level declined, and I confirmed that Marvik is the decision-maker. I worked hard until God supported me, and not to forget the support I received from Al Ain fans and the management of Al Ain Club, who stood by me properly until I overcame this challenge. I always say to myself and advise everyone not to listen to everything that people say.”

Generations Conflict
On the phenomenon of generational conflict, especially after the national team’s loss, he said: “It has become boring. In winning, things go on normally, and you do not find anyone making the usual statements, but the sad thing is when you lose. You are surprised by the statements of people older than us and more experienced and faced similar circumstances that we have gone through previously. Indeed, while we were waiting for the concepts of generational communication to materialize, we heard frustrating messages, although everyone did not address them. Meanwhile, some persons are keen to give me advice permanently, and I benefited from their guidance. As a result, I was keen to correct my mistakes based on such messages. This is what we call generations communication and how it should be. There is also Walid Salem, the former Al Ain Team goalkeeper. We have constant contact and share experience and knowledge.”

He added: “I do not want to be unfair to anyone, but those keen to direct us to the right path are few. Indeed, the majority of them did not play football. This raises the question, where are those playing football, why do we see some of them at the time of loss objecting to salaries, and why do they receive a million dirhams; instead, they demand a reduction in salaries to six thousand. Do you think this is the way to develop football games in UAE? Sorry, development is not after reaching thirty years old. If you want to build this game, you must start with U-17 teams.

He commented: “We accept criticism, even if it is harsh, but if it is purposeful and benefits those criticized. Criticism does not mean insulting and interfering in the private life of the players. This is unacceptable at all! The idea of ​​football is no longer just a game on a personal level. I learned a lot during my career, such as patience and dealing with pressures. This is all reflected positively in my lifestyle.

Sadio Mane
Khaled Eisa also commented: “I remember in the London Olympics2012, we played against Senegal National Team and the match ended in a 1-1 draw. I played against Sadio Mane, who moved to Liverpool in that match if you ask why! The answer will be that there are people who cared about the player’s talent and worked to make him one of the top ten players in the world now. They led him to the right path, and they did not talk about his salary, the car he drives, or the brand he wears. We did not see any player from the UAE Olympic team who played against Senegal Team playing abroad. I do not doubt that the problem is not with us. We want external professionalism, but who will lead us there?

On the main reasons that harmed the UAE football game, he said: “At the outset, I would like to admit that we, as native players, have many negatives and mistakes, but is the Emirati player the main cause of the damage the UAE football game? I tell you realistically, No. From my point of view, one of the reasons is a brokerage, and I have simple examples. If we go back 30 years, we used to find in every Club one or two players who made a difference and were of an added value to the Emirati players, which is reflected in his training and lifestyle. Therefore, the main reason for attracting foreign players is to benefit the Emirati players, and changing foreign players and head coaches is no more than wasting money.”

Fabio Cannavaro
He went on to say: “At one time, I asked the Shabab Al Ahli Team players about Fabio Cannavaro, who considered him an example of the foreigner that we must learn from as Emirati players. They responded that he used to get permission from the team’s head coach Cosmin Olaroiu to train its defenders. As a result, the backline of the Shabab Al Ahli Team won the title of the best defensive line in the league. As a result, brokers are required to bring in players of the value of Cannavaro to benefit the Emirati players.

On the reasons for the decline last season, he said: “There are big clubs that do not have that big grassroots. If the team loses, the matter passes naturally, and they pledge to compensate in the next match. They congratulated each other, and the matter was over. On the contrary, in Al Ain Club, it is completely different. If the team loses, an emergency case is announced. We are under great pressure. I am talking about myself now, and I do not sleep well at night. There are many things and personal work that I cannot accomplish.”

Harvest Month
Khaled Eisa added, “At one time, I felt at the required level, but there was no one to help me. However, I feel that the players are strong enough and gained experience from last season. It is not a secret to tell you that during the beginning of the preparation phase for the current season in Spain, I spoke with many club leaders and officials that this season would be a fruitful one. This is the first time I have revealed it. I hope that we will keep the promise, and, for us, the next month is significant. I hope everyone will support us and work together, especially the Al Ain fans, who have a culture of team support and are well aware of what is required of them.”

Heavy Load
Regarding his feelings about the team’s results and performance this season, he said: “So far, we have not achieved anything to talk about my feelings. Nevertheless, I assure you that eight years ago, I considered myself part of a team required to fight like everyone else and play without any pressure. If I commit a mistake, some come to release stress. I suddenly became the oldest player on the team, which I did not easily understand. After we were nearly ten players to play for the UAE national team, suddenly, only two or three were selected.

He added, “In a certain period, I experienced a decline in my level, which is a normal thing that any football player in the world experience. Indeed, I experienced difficult moments. Every day, I had an incredible feeling because of negative criticism and insults and things I did not wish to mention, and the low level of the team’s performance. Then, I became a bench player on the national team before I was completely excluded from the “international” list. The burden became heavy, but I always talked to those close to me that I was lucky to be loved by the fans of Al Ain. Indeed, it is a blessing. I thank the Almighty God for it. Then, I realized that I was required to preserve such a blessing. On the other hand, as long as I can give, I will not fall short, and if I make a mistake, I promise you that I will come back and correct my errors. Apologies are possible in the football game, but I was able to return to my level of performance thanks to God and then the support of the Club’s fans and the management’s stance on my side.

The Secret Behind Change
Commenting on a question about the secret behind the change between the last and current seasons, he said: “It is all about the good administrative work and the new policy adopted by the Club’s management to keep the team away from pressures. They exerted great efforts other than attracting players or offices, rather than in the changing room. We find them positively leading the scene and appearing in the media in a balanced manner in the event of a loss or a draw. This helped the team focus on the team’s performance on the pitch comfortably, especially since half of the players were playing for the first time with the first team and competing for the championship title. This requires keeping them away from pressures properly.”

In his opinion of the Ukrainian head coach, Sergiy Rebrov, he said: “Sergey Rebrov is a coach and a mentor, not just a coach because he has a great mentality. I hope he will continue with us for several years to come. In the first round, we defeated Al Jazira 5-1, and on the second day, during the technical meeting to analyze the match, he was talking to us in a manner as if we didn’t do anything; on the contrary, as if we were the team that lost by five. This attitude made me sure that he had a different mentality.”

Confirmed the Ainawi Nation is Entitled to be the Boss of our Stadiums Standings.. Al Deri: We Snatched Critical 3 Points and Missed the Loyal Fans

Community, Press

H.E. Mohammed Bin Thaloub, Chairman of Al Ain Club Investment Company, hailed the strong performance of the Boss against the “Emperor”.

“Al Ain won the challenge while missing the most important element of its system, i.e., the “Ainawi Nation” who were absent during the recent clash match against Al Wasl, considering that Al Ain fans are No. 1 player of the squad. They play a key role in enhancing the players’ strength from the stands and unique initiatives in support of the team as well as the social platforms to motivate them to achieve the desirable aspirations,” Bin Thaloub said.

Mr. Chairman put an accent on the fact that the home win over Al Wasl in matchweek 20 of the ADNOC Pro League is so critical in the team’s journey to win the league title.

He added: “We still have 6 rounds to go. We all know what we are meant to do, including the team’s management, coaching teams, players, loyal fans, and members of our lofty Club.”

Al Deri congratulated the Boss fans for winning the Fans League Award for the third time. He said: “Figures do not lie. The reality confirms that the Ainawi Nation’s eligibility to win the Fans League Award for the third time in a row, which they won yesterday although they were not available in the stands.”

For the First Time This Season.. The “Boss” Wins all the UAE Pro League Awards The Absent present Ainawi Nation is Again Declared the Boss of League Stands of Stadiums

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On the sidelines of the Al Ain and Al Wasl match held this evening at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium as part of the 20th round of the ADNOC Pro League, the UAE Professional Committee crowned Al Ain Club with four prizes at once.

The awards were handed over by the Match Commissioner Mansour Al Harbi to the Club’s staff. This is the first time that the Club has won all the official awards the PLC distributes periodically since the beginning of the season.

The “Ainawi Nation” won the Fans’ League Award for the third time in a row this season. The award was received by Khalfan Al Shamesi, CEO of Al Ain Football Club Company, and Ahmed Al Kaabi, Manager of the Al Ain Fans Affairs Office.

The Ukrainian, Sergey Rebrov, was awarded the Best Coach Award for the month of February for the sixth time in a row. While Suofiane Rahimi was also awarded the Star of the Month Award as the best player before Khaled Eisa received the Best Goalkeeper Award of the month.