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Media Training Workshop entitled “Positive Interaction”

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The Boss “Al Zaeem” holds the media workshop in cooperation with Al Ain University

Reviewing important topics and including educational programs and practical applications


In the VIP hall attached to Khalifa Bin Zayed Stadium and under the auspices of the UAE Professional League, Al Ain Club organized, on this January 24 & 25, in cooperation with Al Ain University, a media training workshop for the players of the First and Reserve Teams and the youth teams of the Football Academy, in line with the partnership concluded between Al Ain Club and Al Ain University and which is part of the club licensing programs.

Rahima Al Tayeb Al Aissani, Dean of the College of Communication and Media, Al Ain University, reviewed important topics about sports media through the theoretical lecture and practical application, which received a positive interaction from the stars of The Boss “Al Zaeem”. She also emphasized the importance of communicating with the audiencethrough various media, T.V. interviews and press meetings. She explained the player’s duties towards his club and fans in the media and the most important precautions associated with media appearances.

For her part, Dr Sawsan Taha, academic and media professional in Al Ain University, gave a lecture on the sidelines of the workshop entitled “Digital Media”, during which she reviewed the ideal mechanism for dealing with social media. She also advised the players of different ages and explained to them how to invest social media positively. She also spoke about the conditions for players to appear on various media platforms. At the end of the workshop, the lecture addressed the most prominent precautions that everyone should not follow.

Stars of the Boss “Al Zaeem” sign an attendance book for the Integrity and Anti-Doping Workshop

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In the VIP Hall of Khalifa Bin Zayed Stadium, The UAE ProLeague organized, this evening, the “Integrity and Anti-Doping” workshop for the players of the first and reserve teams, technical and administrative staff, medical staff and members of the two teams, which is considered a basic requirement of the AFC for licensing football clubs, with the aim of raising awareness and education.

The members of the two teams registered a full attendance at the workshop delivered by the Mr. Ghanem Ghawanmeh legal advisor of the UAE pro league, who reviewed, during a period exceeding an hour, the list of regulations and penalties for integrity and anti-doping.

Moreover, Ghawanmeh also reviewed the most prominent global issues related to match-fixing, betting, anti-doping, and the penalties imposed on clubs and football stars throughout the history of the game.

The workshop resulted in several recommendations, after the legal advisor of the UAE pro league reviewed the list of substances banned globally for athletes, the most important of which is to consult the team doctor and advise him on all the details related to therapeutic medications, promote the diet, and avoid taking nutritional supplements from outside the club.

At the conclusion of the workshop, Ghawanmeh called on the players to promote their awareness and culture by reviewing the list of prohibited substances provided by the World Anti-Doping Agency provided in several languages on its official website.

Sultan bin Hamdan’s leadership character is inspiring for the team.. Park Young-woo.. a university graduate with world-class player’s attributes

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Park: my transfer to Al Ain is a historic moment in my football career

All Asian clubs are well aware of the strength of Al “Al-Zaeem” in the AFC Champions League

I learn Arabic at the club by an administrative decision.. next year I will speak Arabic fluently

Al Ain is a great team, so it should not be affected by any absences

I respect the culture of this country and admire the Emirati customs and traditions

The Kandura has become my favorite outfit, and I’d like to wear it daily like Al Ain people

Ulsan fans’ reaction of organizing a campaign on social media against my transfer decision surprised me

Al Ain has an enchanting nature and wonderful calmness and distinctive with its location and tourist landmarks

I closed my personal accounts on social media due to an unfavorable situation

Calm by nature, gentle in his dealings, professional in every detail, respects his profession, colleagues, and everyone he deals with. He is the “international” South Korean, Park Young-woo, a football player for Al Ain and his national team.

He speaks about Al Ain Club which made him a transfer offer before the end of the football season in his country and about these historical moments, expressing his deep gratitude, appreciation, and respect for the club’s management which trusted in his capabilities, expressing his admiration for Al Ain Club facilities, professional management, and the family spirit that defines the team’s dynamics.

He began the interview by confirming his readiness to engage with the players, coaching staff, and everyone associated with the club and his commitment to demonstrating the spirit of victory and fighting for the Al Ain badge. He emphasized that all Al Ain players are required to approach every local or continental competition with the required seriousness, always keeping their promise to bring joy to the loyal and best fans.

Leadership character

He emphasized that His Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, Chairman of the Executive Committee, and Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Affairs of Al Ain Football Club Company, is a leading sports figure dedicated to developing professional concepts, a reality experienced by him since joining the club.

My Relationship with Football

The “international” South Korean, Park Young-woo, player for Al Ain and his national team, spoke about his relationship with football as my peers, stating that it became prominent during the hosting of the 17th edition of the FIFA World Cup by South Korea and Japan in 2002. Then, they were fascinated by football in South Korea which has been prepared well to host the most important international event. He was playing football since he was seven, but at his tenth year and after the World Cup, he actively started looking for playing regularly amid the growing interest and beautiful dreams surrounding football in the spirits of children and parents.

Challenges and fears

Regarding the first challenges he confronted in his football career, he said: “In football, there are various challenges but the first is associated with childhood as a crucial stage where I began my early steps and encountered different mentalities, not only among players but also among coaches. In fact, most of them were kind, but also there were decisive and firm characters, which was somewhat intimidating for a child, so I felt somewhat frightened and that was not an easy experiment. Consequently, I moved from one football school to another, as I was fond of football, searching for coaches who could nurture my childhood passion for football.”

Bachelor Degree in Sports Science

He continued: during my time in school, I aimed to learn football that aligned with my childhood dreams till I joined the university, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in the College of Sports Science and Physical Activities, in which my graduation thesis was entitled “Sports for All”. I believe I did not face significant challenges until I joined the leading Emirati football club.

Childhood Star

Regarding the star he admired in his childhood, he said: “Actually, I admired several Korean players and stars since my early childhood, most prominent of which was the legend Hong Myung-bo, who shone in the World Cup and later became my favorite coache at Ulsan Hyundai in Korea before joining Al Ain during the World Cup. I also admired Yoo Sang-chul whom I deeply respect and appreciate, in addition to Park Ji Sung who played for Manchester United and whom I loved so much.

Media Pressure

Regarding how the Korean media covered the news of hid transfer to Al Ain, especially considering your prominent status in your national team and your pivotal role in your previous team’s lineup, he said: “When media and social media started spreading the news of my transfer to Al Ain, my previous team was about to play a crucial and decisive match, a derby, competing for the title. We were playing against the second-placed team, and we had no choice but to win to strengthen our lead and widen the gap. At that time, the fans organized a campaign for me to stay and not move to Al Ain. However, as the news started to leak, things had actually been settled to the extent that I began receiving calls from my relatives and some club officials urging me not to leave. It wasn’t easy for my fans, admirers, and those close to me inside the team, who expressed their rejection and reluctance for me to leave due to their loyalty to the club, but, when I moved, they congratulated me wholeheartedly.”

A Historical Moment

Regarding his reception by his new teammates when he arrived at Al Ain camp, he said: “It was an exceptional moment, being the first time for me in professional football outside Korea. Actually, I was a bit tense and anxious because I only knew the Korean language. I was determined to figure out how to communicate with everyone, but I was surprised by the celebration of my new teammates upon my joining Al Ain which left a positive reaction on me as they were friendly and even asked me to sing a song. I can’t forget that moment at all.”

Family Spirit

Responding to a question about the closest players to him, he said: “The family spirit prevails in the club among everyone, and I has a marvelous relationship with all the players. But if you ask me to name some, I would choose Captain Bandar, Khaled Issa, Kaku, Yahya Nader, Khaled Al Hashmi, and Erik, as the closest to everyone.”

Injury Troubles

Regarding his absence due to injury in some crucial matches, he said: “Actually, all football players are bothered by injuries because their desire to participate is greater in contributing to their team’s targets. However, the reality emphasizes that big clubs should not be influenced by the absence of any player. Al Ain is a strong team, so we shouldn’t be influenced by absences. I hope no player experiences the feeling of staying away due to injury during the season, but this remains part of the game, but it can be avoided with good preparation during morning and evening training sessions and focus during matches.”

My Story with Arabic

About the Arabic words he learned during the four months at the club, he said: “I believe the most repeated words are those I learned at the beginning of my journey, such as ‘As-salamu alaykum’ (Peace be upon you), ‘Wa alaykumu as-salam’ (And upon you be peace), ‘Kayfa al-hal’ (How are you?), and ‘Alhamdulillah’ (Praise be to Allah)… From there, my journey with the Arabic language began. The club’s management provided educational lessons for non-Arabic speakers, and I have a teacher who teaches me Arabic and I’m so motivated for this challenge, and I will do my best to make my next interview with you in Arabic fluently.”

Al Ain Dar Al Zain “City of Beauty”

Responding to a question about his knowledge of Al Ain city, he said: “Certainly, Al Ain is a charming city with its nature, wonderful with its calmness, and distinctive with its location and tourist landmarks. I enjoyed visiting Al Jahili Fort, shopping centers, and I took my wife to visit the zoo. I enjoy my family life in this city, and I sent an invitation to my parents, and they had a more than wonderful impression of Al Ain.”

Favorite Attire

About his feelings when wearing the Emirati “Landura” in the National Day, he said: “Actually it was a wonderful surprise for me at that time because I admired Al Ain people wearing it in malls, markets, and even in the stadiums. It makes you respect the culture of this country. Therefore, I wished to wear the Emirati national attire, and when it happened, my joy was immense. The reactions of my wife, family, and acquaintances were distinctive after seeing me wearing the Emirati national attire.”

My viewpoint on Social Media

Regarding the reasons behind his absence from social media platforms, he said: “I had social media accounts in South Korea, but I closed them due to an unpleasant situation, and I prefer not to mention it. I haven’t thought about opening new accounts. They asked me to open an Instagram account as a player for Al Ain, and I’m still considering it, but I won’t make my decision now.”

Favorite Dish

When asked about his favorite food in the UAE, he said: “In my opinion, lamb is delicious, and personally, I love Mandi.”

Aspirations for Championships

Regarding his ambitions with Al Ain, he said: “I came from a big club where I won championships. In the year I moved to Al Ain, we won the title. My aspirations with The Boss “Al Zaeem” are to continue ascending the podiums of victory. We have a capable coach who was a legendary player and knows how to deal with the players. I hope we succeed with him in achieving the club’s targets and bringing joy to the loyal Al Ain fans.”

AFC Champions League

Regarding the draw for the AFC Champions League, he said: “After successfully passing the group stage, we realize that each stage’s task is tougher than the previous one, and the 16 teams that qualified for the next stage are strong. Therefore, our mission won’t be easy, but Al Ain is a strong team, known throughout the continent, and I’m confident that we can achieve good results in the AFC Champions League.”

Hoping for a UAE-Korean Final

When asked about the team he wishes to face if Al Ain reaches the final with East Asian clubs, he said: “I definitely hope to face a Korean team because Korean clubs left a good impression in the AFC Champions League.”

Al Ain’s Fans

Park sent a message to Al Ain fans, stating: “Al Ain, with its brand, identity, and history, is capable of achieving accomplishments as long as it receives the required support, strong backing, in addition to the trust of its loyal fans in the team. All players strive to achieve the club’s targets outlined by the management before the season starts, and we will fight for this badge to make you happy and celebrate together at the end of the season with our achievements.”

Message to Al Ain Fans

He concluded his statement with a message expressing his deep gratitude and appreciation to the management of Al Ain Club, which placed its trust in him, and in his teammates who maintain a family spirit and unity.

Key Facts

The “international” South Korean, Park Young-woo, is considered one of the prominent midfielders in his country. The 29-year-old Park was crowned the best player in the South Korean league last season, enhancing his capability to be a strong addition to Al Ain which aims to reclaim ADNOC Pro League title in the current season and prepares for the continental competition.

Park Young-woo played 195 matches with the Korean Ulsan Hyundai, scoring 9 goals and providing 8 assists. Additionally, he scored 2 goals and provided 1 assist in 60 matches with FC Seoul.

Emphasizing that the player’s honorable attitude isn’t the first and won’t be the last.. Mohammed Obaid Hammad: Laba reflects the principles of loyalty, love, and giving to our institution

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Laba to Al Ain Fans: You are my family… You eased the pains of my painful loss

I thank everyone for sharing my sorrows and not spreading the news of my son’s death before the match

Mohammed Obaid Hammad, member of the Steering Committee of Al Ain Football Club Affairs Management and the Supervisor of Al Ain First Team and the Reserve Team, emphasized that the Togolese “international” striker, Laba Kodjo’s attitude reflects the principles of loyalty, belonging, love, and dedication to this great institution, particularly that the circumstances the player has gone through are not easy, since he lost his beloved son. When we offered our condolences and met with him to console him, we decided to give him a break and not participate in the match. However, he requested to be given an opportunity to play with the team so as not to feel any negligence towards the club that has given him everything and the team that needs him. He also asked not to publish any news related to his son’s death on social media so that he could focus as much as possible and contribute to helping the team.

“Al Ain Club vision and institutional values always reinforces the concept of one family in dealing with everyone, including management, players, coaching staff, fans, and everyone member of Al Ain. The player’s attitude is not strange to any member of this club, and he is not the first or the last player to sacrifice for the badge because, as I mentioned to you, the club’s leadership has established the concept of one family as an approach followed by everyone associated with Al Ain,” he added.

On his part, Laba Kodjo expressed his deep gratitude, appreciation and thanks to the Steering Committee of Al Ain Football Club Affairs Management, headed by His Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club and Chairman of the Executive Committee, for providing all the necessary moral support. He also thanked everyone for standing by his side, the coaching and administrative staff of the team, his fellow players, and Al Ain fans, which enabled him to overcome his deep sorrows. He stated, “I want to express my thanks to everyone who responded to me by deleting the news from their page before the match.”

He added: “I truly feel that all Al Ain fans are my family in this kind country, and I sincerely wish everyone goodness, prosperity, and success from the bottom of my heart.”

Sultan Bin Hamdan Checks on The Player’s Health Condition.. Manie’ Al Shamsi Underwent a Successful Surgical Operation at The Right Eye Socket in Tawam Hospital

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The Attention of The Chairman of The Executive Committee Enhanced My Morale and My Sense of Pride and Belonging to The Al Ain Club

I Performed a Virtual Reconstructive Surgery Using a Three-Dimensional Titanium Design

I Practically Witnessed the Medical Development in Our Beloved Country Using Advanced Devices and Modern Technology

I Thank the First and Reserve Team Sectors and All My Fellow Players and I Will Return to Training After Six Weeks

His Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, Chairman of the Executive Committee, and Head of the Steering Committee of Al Ain Football Club, reassured the health status of Al Ain reserve team captain, Manie’ Al Shamsi, underwent a successful surgical operation at Tawam Hospital this evening to repair a facial bone fracture he suffered in the right eye socket during his team’s match against Shabab Al Ahli, which took place at Khalifa bin Zayed Stadium as part of the eighth round of the Under-21 Professional League, which ended with a 3-2 victory for The Boss “Al Zaeem,” which tops the League’s standing.

The first and reserve team sectors were also keen to have player Manie’ Al Shamsi return to Tawam Hospital this evening to congratulate him on the success of the surgery.

Al Ain reserve team’s defender, Manie’ Al Shamsi, expressed his deep gratitude and appreciation to His Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, Chairman of the Executive Committee, and Head of the Steering Committee of Al Ain Football Club for the high care and great attention he continued to give to all players.

“I would not reveal a secret if I told you that the attention of the Chairman of the Executive Committee strengthened my morale before and after the surgical operation and gave me a sincere feeling of pride and dignity in belonging to this great entity. Words of thanks alone are not enough for our leaders for what they continue to provide for us”, he continued.

Manie’ also expressed his thanks to the first and reserve team sectors, the technical and administrative staff of the reserve team, the medical staff and his fellow players for checking on his condition and constantly asking about his health condition.

“I’d also like to thank the administration of Tawam Hospitaland Dr. Khaled Abdul Jalil, facial and jaw surgery specialist, who performed the operation in coordination with Dr. Tawfiq Salman, head of the medical clinic and the medical director of Al Ain Club, who has been closely monitoring my health condition,” he added.

Regarding the reason for the delay in undergoing the surgeryfor three weeks after the injury, he said, “The operation I underwent is extremely precise, and let me reiterate my thanks and appreciation to the attending physician and the administration of Tawam Hospital for providing proper care. I underwent a reconstructive and compensatory operation, which required conducting a virtual surgical procedure. During the past period, I actually experienced all the details relevant to my case, which truly embodied the real concept of medical advancement in our beloved country through usingmodern technology, which provokes pride and dignity.”

“I’ve been injured in the right eye socket, and the MRI and medical examinations confirmed that the fracture size was 3×3 cm and that space was compensated with a titanium material specially made for repairing my injury through a three-dimensional design. Actually, I lived the virtual surgery during the past three weeks, which witnessed continuous work in preparation for the actual operation by Dr. Khaled Abdul Jalil,” he continued.

Regarding the rest period recommended by the doctor, Manie’said, “The attending physician advised me not to engage in any sports activities for a period of 4 to 6 weeks, but in my case, it is preferable to wait for a month and a half. After that, I will undergo a physical rehabilitation program before joining the team’s collective trainings”.

Thanked Hazza bin Zayed.. Sultan bin Hamdan chairs the Executive Committee meeting

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Reviewed the administrative, technical, and financial performance reports for the first quarter of the current season

Directed to provide the requirements for The Boss “Al Zaeem” to continue achieving strong results in the AFC Champions League

Reviewed the modern projects of the Club and commended the committees assigned with the completed project

Directed to enhance the Ainawi Card initiatives and integrate them into the club’s community services

Emphasized on committing to enhancing productivity, excellence, and creativity in parallel with launching the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system at the club

Congratulated Al Ain fans and appreciated the role of UAE football fans in supporting The Boss “Al Zaeem” to qualifyamong the top-level Asian clubs

The Executive Committee held its second meeting for the 2023-2024 season, chaired by Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, Chairman of the Executive Committee, and Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Affairs of Al Ain Football Club Company.

The Chairman of the Executive Committee of Al Ain Club expressed his deep appreciation and gratitude to His Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Ruler of Abu Dhabi, First Vice President of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, First Vice President of the Honorary Council, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Club, for his high patronage and generous support for the Club and its companies. He also emphasized the importance of adhering to Al Ain vision and strategic plans which were established by His Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in order to keep pace with indicators of development, excellence and leadership in all fields to achieve the highest standards of success.

The meeting reviewed the administrative, technical, and financial performance reports of the club and its companies in the first quarter of the current season. It also discussed the work mechanism in the new projects, including the Club’s Academy building, the modern dressing room for the first football team attached to Khalifa bin Zayed Stadium, as well as the modern medical center plan supported with the state-of-the-art facilities to provide exceptional services to the club’s players and Al Ain community in addition to the project to rehabilitate the premises of the club’s branches in Al Aamerah, Al Maqam, Zakher, Mazyad, and Al Hayer.

Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan directed to provide the requirements for the first team to maintain strong performance in the AFC Champions League. He also directed to enhance Al Ain fans initiatives and integrate them into the club’s community contributions to serve all sectors of society. He congratulated Ainawi fans and appreciated the role of all the UAE club fans who supported The Boss “Al Zaeem” in theAFC Champions League, leading to its qualification, among the top-level clubs in Asia, to the Round of 16.

The Chairman of the Executive Committee stressed the importance of commitment by all departments at the club to enhance productivity, excellence, and creativity following the launch of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. He commended the work of the committees assigned with thecompleted projects, starting with Al Ain Club modern gymnasium and the dressing rooms for the club’s juniorteams.

The meeting was attended by the members of the Executive Committee, including Mohammed Bin Thaloub Al Derie, Chairman of Al Ain Club Investment Company, Mohammed Abdullah Ahmed Al Zaheri, Head of the Steering Committee of the Affairs of Al Ain Sport Games Company, and HamadNukheirat Al Ameri, the Managing Director of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club and its subsidiaries.

The Boss “Al Zaeem” stars congratulate the United Arab Emirates, its government, and its people on the 52nd National Day

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Foreign and technical staff, along with the administrative team of The Boss “Al Zaeem, attended today’s training session at Khalifa Bin Zayed Stadium. They wore the Emirati national attire in conjunction with the 52nd National Day, conveying messages of love, gratitude, and appreciation to the generous and giving Emirates. This was expressed through congratulations to the wise leadership and the entire people of the UAE on this precious and joyful occasion.

Everyone made sure to extend their congratulations to the UAE, each in their language. This started with the Argentine Hernan Crespo and his coaching staff, the Greek team doctor Dr. Nicolas, and the Italian physiotherapist Alessandro. Players Laba Kodjo and Park Young-Woo also attended the special occasion, expressing wonderful congratulatory messages while wearing the national attire.

Starting from tomorrow.. Ticket will be available online.. 3,600 seats in King Fahd “International” Stadium for Al Ain fans

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Awad Al Kaabi: Al Ain possesses the largest fan base among the Emirati clubs in Saudi Arabia

The senior delegation, led by Awad Mohammed Subaih Al Kaabi, member of the Steering Committee of Al Ain Football Club Company and Obaid Al Dhaheri, Director of Corporate Communications at Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, held a coordination meeting this evening in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, regarding the organizational and logistical matters with representatives of Al Fayhaa Club and officials from King Fahd “International” Stadium, where Al Ain will play their AFC Champions League match in the fourth round the day after tomorrow, Tuesday.

During the meeting, it was confirmed that the external Gate No. 6 at King Fahd “International” Stadium would be allocated for Al Ain fans, leading to Gates No. 40-41-42 in Al Ain section, which can accommodate up to 3,600 seats.

Tickets will be available starting from tomorrow on the website.

Awad Mohammed Al Kaabi expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to Al Fayhaa management and King Fahd “International” Stadium management for their excellent and professional handling in preparing to receive the first team’s delegation. “The exceptional work system, professional approach, and warm reception are not surprising from our people in the Kingdom, and the reality confirms that we feel that we are in our homeland”, he stated.

During the inspection tour around King Fahd “International” Stadium, Al Kaabi emphasized that Al Ain possesses the largest fan base among the Emirati clubs in KSA, “Al Ain Corporate Communications team and Fan Affairs Office are fully prepared to provide the necessary support to the Al Ain fans upon their arrival in KSA”, stated Al Kaabi.

He conveyed His Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed’s greetings to all team members.. Sultan bin Hamdan meets with ‘Al Zaeem’ players and praises everyone’s efforts

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Mohammed Obaid Hammad: The meeting brought joy to our souls and embodied the concept of family and team spirit

Alfred Schreuder: We must focus to show appreciation to Al Ain management and bring happiness to our fans

Bandar Al-Ahbabi: We affirm our commitment to demonstrate seriousness and strong desire to achieve Al-Ain aspirations

His Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, Chairman of the Executive Committee, and Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Affairs of Al Ain Football Club Company, held an important meeting with the technical and administrative staff and players of Al Ain first football team on the sidelines of the evening training session of the team held today at Khalifa bin Zayed Stadium and the Gym Hall. This meeting had a great impact on the team members, who expressed their happiness and embodied the spirit of one family and one team.

His Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan conveyed the greetings from His Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Ruler of Abu Dhabi, First Vice President of Al-Ain Sports and Cultural Club, First Vice President of the Honorary Council and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Club, to all team members in a wonderful family atmosphere.

The meeting was attended by members of the Steering Committee of the Affairs of Al Ain Football Club Company, Mohammed Ibrahim Al Mahmoud, Awad Mohammed Subaih Al Kaabi, and Mohammed Obaid Hammad.

Mohammed Obaid Hammad, the Supervisor of Al Ain First Team and the Reserve Team, said that the meeting held by His Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan was important and held at an ideal time as it brought joy to everyone’s souls and embodied the one-family spirit known for “Al Zaeem”. “The Chairman of the Executive Committee emphasized to the players the importance of focus in the upcoming phase associated with significant challenges in all competitions. The team has shown reassuring performance since the beginning of the season, and great clubs are required to continuously improve their performance from one stage to another because our fans’ aspirations are always high. Al Ain entity, which we all an inseparable part of it, including the management, coaching staff, players, and all those associated with Al-Ain based on the one-family concept in this great club, maintains great confidence in the team, and its support for the players will never cease in order to achieve ‘Al Zaeem’ ambitions in local and continental competitions”, he stated.

“During this month, Al Ain will play important and decisive matches in three tournaments, and everyone is aware that they require great focus and doubled efforts from everyone in order to achieve their personal aspirations and bring joy to the loyal fans by the end of the season”, he continued.

Al Ain coach Alfred Schreuder expressed his happiness with the unlimited attention the team receives from Al Ain management and the continuous follow up from His Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, stating that “We must double our efforts and focus in the upcoming period to show appreciation to our management and to delight the loyal and faithful Ainawi fans.”

Al Ain Captain, Bandar Al-Ahbabi said that the generous support and noble care the team receives enhance the players’ sense of responsibility in defending Al Ain badge and we affirm our commitment to demonstrate seriousness and strong desire to achieve the all Al Ain fans’ aspirations.

Al Ain City Gets Ready to Return to Asia in the light of 2003 Achievement

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Al Ain City is gearing up for a return to the Asian stage as “Al-Zaeem” hosts their guest, Ahal FC (TKM), at 8:00 PM on Tuesday at Hazza bin Zayed Stadium, one of the most beautiful architectural marvels worldwide. In this journey, every member of Al Ain Club hopes to clinching the continental title for the second time, after achieving this dream in 2003. It is noteworthy that this achievement made Al Ain City a sport hub in the region.

The anticipation and excitement have reached the peak among the “Al Ain fans” as the important match approaches. The city has transformed into a vibrant urban centre, and every effort has been exerted to prepare the City to be ready for its return to the Asian forefront. Both citizens and residents have participated in decorating the streets with flags and logos carrying the spirit of “Al-Zaeem.” Banners have been placed at the City entrances and in front of shopping centres to remind everyone of the match date.

“Dar Al Zein” still memorizes the glory when winning the continental title for UAE football in 2003 for the first and only time. It was unforgettable moments, marked by celebratory processions, artistic performances, and the city’s sky being lit up with fireworks. Passionate fans from all corners flocked to congratulate the champions, and the players received official honours from the esteemed wise leading officials.