The Asian Football Confederation announced today that they have selected and appointed the international football star Khalid Essa, the goalkeeper for Al-Ain football club and the United Arab Emirates national football team, to officially hold the office of the ambassador to the Asian Dream foundation, which had been launched in 2017 as a platform that includes several social aspects, the most notable of which are child protection, education and social merger, needs evaluation, as well as nurturing and supporting the projects that are related to the member national unions.

The Asian Football Confederation emphasized that the selection and appointment of the international goalkeeper Khalid Essa came as an appreciation for his astounding performance with the national football team at various football tournaments on the continental and regional levels, as well as his constant excellence with the football club of Al-Ain, in addition to his contribution with his teammates to Al-Ain’s coronation and claiming the title and trophy of AFC Champions League football tournament for the season of 2024.

Khalid Essa expressed, in his statements to the press and media outlets, his extreme happiness over his selection and appointment as the ambassador to the Asian Dream foundation, which is something that is considered a great honor and privilege for any player who is representing the United Arab Emirates, which is a country that is famous for charitable practices and the limitless human donations, emphasizing that he will, with his fellow appointed ambassadors from the other national unions, be keen to deliver the positive message to the Asian football society by contributing in the activities and events that are executed and delivered by the Asian Dream foundation all along the upcoming period of time.