Al Ain Fans are Different.. Caio: The Boss is Fit and Ready to Play Against Al Jazira by 100%


It is the Smallest Details That Makes the Difference in Big Clash Matches

Brazil’s Caio Canedo laid emphasis on the fact that Al Ain Team is fully ready by 100% to play matchweek 6 of the Arabian Gulf League against Al Jazira scheduled to be held on Friday 1st November 2019 at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium.

He added: “Each match is a new challenge for us. This requires us to be cautious as it is all about the small details that make the difference in big clash matches.”

He pointed out that the team’s pre-match preparations kicked off last Monday, and training sessions went well and as planned. “I can assure you that all the squad stars are up to it and enjoy the genuine desire and determination to keep going in winning their matches under the professional head coach, Ivan Leko. He enjoys a charming personality and knows how to deal with everyone here.”

On the team’s performance, Caio stressed that the level of performance is advancing and improving. “This season, the team has new players, and each training session is so important for all the players. Last week we won Al Fujairah by 7-1, and thanks go to the head coach whose instructions helped the team to win the home team, in addition to massive support we received from the fans.”

He went on to say that before he is honored to defend the Boss badge, he used to see the fans in significant numbers and react enthusiastically with the team. “The fans’ presence behind the team reflects positively on their performance, and this is why you see them everywhere to support their team. I really feel proud and honored for such great support.”

He concluded by addressing a message to the fans “I hope to see all the Ainawi Nation at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium on Friday when we play against Al Jazira.”