Al Ain Organizes Ramadan Tolerance Football Tournament.. Sultan Rashid: In Memory of Al Ain’s Legends the Competing Teams Holds their Names


In remembrance of its legends and great players, Al Ain Club is organizing the Ramadan Tolerance Football Tournament during 7-17 Ramadan for the Al Ain Football Academy junior team. The matches are scheduled to be held at the Club’s football fields, namely: Saif Bin Mohammed Field, Salem Saeed and Fahd Al Nuwais Field. The teams were divided into three groups: Group A which includes U-18 and U-16 Football Teams, Group B which includes U-14 and U-15 Football Teams and Group C which includes U-13 “A” and U-13 “B”. Each group has been divided into 4 teams and all the 12 teams will be competing to win 3 separate titles.

Sultan Rashid, Board Member of Al Ain Football Company and The Sports Director, congratulated all the teams on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan wishing the UAE and the Arab and Islamic countries many happy returns and much happiness.

The Sports Director stressed that the goal of launching this tournament during the Holy Month of Ramadan is not limited to sports in terms of technical and physical aspects, but there are other social, educational and entertainment goals. “Holding this tournament coincides with the end of the football season and during this period we are focusing on the recovery of players following the hard efforts they exerted during the past season and the various types of training sessions they enrolled throughout the whole season.”

He added: “The events accompanying the tournament will include many creative initiatives derived from Islamic values and precepts, in addition to promoting the concepts of tolerance. There will be also other different initiatives and awards dedicated for the three top teams and awards assigned for the best player, best goalkeeper, top scorer and best playmaker.”

“The teams of the three groups are named after the Al Ain Club’s legends who served the team prior passing away. This tournament is a way of showing appreciation to the efforts of Mahdi Ahmed, Salem Saeed, Fahd Al Nuwais, Saif Mohammed, Ahmed Al Rashedi and Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz. We pray to Allah Al Mighty to rest their soul in peace and for all the Muslims.”

Sultan Rashid concluded his statement by underscoring the fat that Al Ain Club is so keen to further improve its community services based on the important role it plays in promoting the concept of the comprehensive club whose role is not limited to sports only. “Such tournaments are a great opportunity to enhance communication channels among all members of the society.”