Called Upon the Fans to Stand Behind the Boss.. Garrido: We Must Win Al Wasl To Keep Our Chances to Qualify to ACL 2020


Spain’s Juan Carlos Garrido emphasized that his team’s clash match against Al Wasl is so important and will not by all means an easy confrontation. He stated in the media press conference that he is so eager to win the three points of the match to move forward in the standing table to ensure the team will qualify to the AFC Champions League 2020.

Garrido said: “We in Al Ain squad are required to do our best, show our fighting spirit and be determined to win the three points of the match and qualify to play in the ACL 2020. For this purpose, the team’s starting lineup will include the players who are ready for the match.”

On his assessment of the opponent’s performance in general, he said: “Al Wasl is a big team with superb strikers and quality foreign players. On the other hand, the Boss squad has skillful and genuine players at all levels, and we will spare no efforts to win the three points of the coming match.”

He addressed a message to the fans to be there behind their great team in the coming match against Al Wasl. “Their presence will boost the players’ motives to do their best and earn the match’s three points. This coming match is a final match for me and will give the chance to the best and ready players for it is important and we try our best to have good image of the team while approaching the finish line of the league.”

He also admitted that his team’s back line committed serious mistakes during the match against Dibba. He stated: “Our defenders committed certain mistakes and we focused during the recent training sessions on remedial actions to ensure such mistakes will not happen again. We focused also on how our defenders handle all the attacking attempts launched by Al Wasl’s front line with high concentration and strongly.”
He concluded the press conference by emphasizing that his team’s front line should take advantage of all the chances to score against the opponent and to make sure not to miss any of them, and how this require the players to perform well and with high level of concentration since the kickoff whistle to the last minute of the match.