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Underlines His Full Confidence that The Boss’ Performance will Improve.. Pedro Emmanuel: We Played Fabulously but the Result Was Unfair


Al Ain newly appointed head coach, Portuguese Pedro Emmanuel, stressed that his squad had a tough confrontation against an organized and good team given that he had a very short and tight schedule of training sessions conducted ahead of this game.

“During the past three days, we worked together and the I do believe that the team performed well on the pitch. They showed qualities of commitment, high team spirit and personally I am confident that the players will push themselves to the limit in the very near future.,” he said.

He added: “I believe that as a summary of the the course of match, we we succeeded in taking the lead by our first goal and it was possible to double the result. However, in the world of football, if you do not score you will be punished severely.”

“Everything changed in the game within 10 seconds. We retreated in the second half to close all spaces in our ground because we were playing against the wind while focusing on scoring the second goal. Practically wise, we did not lose the match, but we lost playing the finales.”

In response to a question on the reason for the having similar scenario when playing against Al Nasr in the league, he said: “I have full confidence in my team’s ability to play better in the upcoming games. Indeed, we had the chance to score our second goal, as I stated earlier, but we failed to do so. As you know to take the lead by two goals is different from scoring one goal.”

As for the reason behind selecting Jamal Marouf to take the first penalty kick instead of Lapa Kodjo, he said: “I decided to give Jamal the first kick after yesterday’s training session and he did well in the penalty kicks training.

He signed off by saying that he does not believe that the penalty shootouts are related to absolute luck. “The team did well, and the result was unfair. I promise our performance will be better in the upcoming matches.”

Al Nasr Won Al Ain 5-2 on Penalty Shootouts


Al Ain squad lost to the guest team, Al Nasr, on penalty shootouts 5-2 by the end of the semifinal match of the Arabian Gulf Cup held at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium on Friday 10th January 2020.

The original time of the match ended by positive 1-1 tie. the Boss players converted just one of their four penalties, while the Blues’ men scored all four to progress to final match.

Al Ain: 1
Goals: Mahmoud Khamis by mistake into his team’s net “26”.

Starting Lineup: Khalid Eissa, Salem Abdullah, Mohannad Salem Al Enezi, Mohammed Ahmed, Saeed Jumaa, Tsukasa Shiotani, Mohammed Abdul Rahman, Bandar Al Ahbabi, Caio Canedo, Khaled Al Blooshi and Lapa Kodjo.

Substitutions: Mohammed Hilal replaced Khaled Al Blooshi “46” – Jamal Marouf replaced Bandar Al Ahbabi “64”.

Yellow Cards: Mohammed Abd Al Rahman “60” – Lapa Kodjo “80”.

Red Cards: None.

Al Nasr: 1
Goals: Carvalho Tuzi “81”.

Starting Lineup: Ahmed Shambeya, Mahmoud Khamis, Mohammed Ali Ayed, Globe Lima, Hamad Jassem Ghloom, Hussein Mahdi, Tariq Ahmed, Hussein Abdullah, Carvalho Tuzi, Brandley Quas and Alvaro Negredo.

Substitutions: Hamad Jasim Ghloom replaced Mahmoud Khamis “5” – Gabriel Valentini replaced Hussein Abdullah “46” – Habib Al Fardan replaced Hussein Mahdi “46 “.

Yellow Cards: Mahmoud Khamis “58”.

Red Cards: None.

Match Officials
The match was managed by Adel Al Naqbi, “Match Referee” assisted by Jassem Abdullah, “First Assistant” and Qais Al Khedim, “Second Assistant”, Abdullah Rashid, “Fourth Official” and Yahiya Al Mulla, “Video Referee”, Zayed Dawood, “Assistant Video Referee “, Eissa Darwish, “Referees’ Assessor”, and Hamad Al Sheikh “Match Commissioner”.

Omar Yassin: We Will Spare No Efforts to Qualify the of the Finales


Al Ain FC player underlined that the Boss squad would spare no efforts to win the guests, Al Nasr FC, to qualify the finales of the Arabian Gulf Cup scheduled to be held this Friday 10th January 2020 at the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium.

“The semi-final match will be under the command of our new head coach, Portuguese Pedro Emmanuel, who just arrived this week. We will push ourselves to the limit and be one hand with the coach to win the next game,” Yassin stated in the media conference held at Khalifa bin Zayed Stadium.

Yassin addressed a message to the loyal Ainawi fans who expected to see their crowds in the stands saying: “I have a simple message to our fans that we need to see them in this upcoming match. We all vowed to fight to win the match and make our fans happy by qualifying to the final match.”

Pedro Emmanuel: We Will Play Against Al Nasr While Highly Motivated to Qualify to the Finales


In his first press conference dedicated to Al Ain match against Al Nasr, the new head coach of Al Ain FC Portuguese Pedro Emmanuel that he has a positive first impression about the Boss squad despite the short period he spent with the team. “We have a good team and a great city along with passionate outstanding fans who are always there to support their team.”

“The conditions here in the Club are amazing. I have a great squad with star players and, most importantly, passionate fans as I saw in the team’s recent match,” Pedro opened the media press conference of his team’s match against Al Nasr scheduled to be held this Friday 10th January 2020 at the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium.

The Boss newly appointed head coach stressed that the coaching team, along with the players, worked hard during the past few days with sights highly set to win the semi-final match to qualify to the finales. “Yes, we do not have that much time, but we have the spirit to win the guests.”

While emphasizing the importance of the match, Pedro Emmanuel hailed that Al Nasr as a strong organized team while putting an accent on the fact that the game will be a difficult and tough one. “For me, all that I need is the fans’ massive support.”

“Regardless of the short period I have spent with the team, I would point out that we will play as one team. Many teams wish to be in our position and play the semi-final match. We will spare no efforts and fight to win the qualification card.”

Pedro stated that he would not talk about the absent players. “I have a great squad, and I am fully confident that I will build a team that plays real football and armed with genuine fighting spirits until the last moments of any match.”

Commenting on a question on his message to the loyal Ainawi Nation, Pedro stated: “I have a a very simple message and already stated it once I arrived at the Club “We are one Club in One City”. We will always be looking forward to receiving the fans’ support in all our matches. We have to work hard to qualify for the final match of this competition. I need the energy of the team and fans to achieve the desired goal.”

Holds an Important Meeting with the Players.. Pedro: My Sights Are Highly Set to Win All the Boss’ Matches


The Squad is Required to Boost Up their Efforts, and I Am Not Here to Give Promises

So Proud to Join Al Ain FC, the Biggest UAE Club and the Strongest in Asia

We Will Play with the Spirit of the One Team to Make the Fans Happy

The Club Has Great Potentials That Pave the Way to Achieve Our Soaring Aspirations

My strategy matches Al Ain’s Vision in Considering Second Pace as the Last Position

Arriving in UAE on Saturday morning flying from Lisbon to assume his new position as the head coach of the “Global Boss”, Portuguese Pedro Emmanuel was keen to hold his first meeting with the Boss squad before officially supervising the first training session of the team.

Earlier in time, the coach was taken on a tour of the Hazza bin Zayed Stadium following signing his official contract as the new head coach of the Boss squad and attend a meeting held by the members of the Technical Committee for Professionalism.

The Portuguese Pedro took the opportunity to express his pleasure and pride in joining Al Ain Club. “It is an honor for me to be part of this big club whose name is always associated with the prominent achievements and on top the runners up of the champs of FIFA Club World Cup- UAE 2018.”

“The real fun in the world of football is based on the principle of facing challenges by all the players, coaching and administrative teams and fans. I did not sign with Al Ain Club to give promises. I am here to work hard and achieve the pre-set goals as per the priorities agenda well-defined during the meetings held during the negotiations stage,” Pedro stated.

He added: “We have to make use of the available time and push ourselves to the limit. We have to keep an eagle eye on the goals to be achieved within a season full of massive challenges.”

He also extended his most profound appreciation for the Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Club Company chaired by HE Dr. Matar Al Darmaki for their professionalism during the negotiations phase.

The Portuguese head coach revealed that he knows all the current players of the team and their potentials. “I had a personal meeting with each player and fully confident that we will all work together in the spirit of the one team. We will together achieve outstanding results that match the expectations of the fans whose aspirations never go below winning titles. My strategy is consistent with the Club’s vision, which looks at the second place is parallel to the last spot.”

The new head coach addressed a message to the Ainawi Nation saying: “I am so eager to see the fans behind the squad players in all the upcoming matches to achieve our unlimited aspirations this season. I do not doubt that we will make it and achieve the mutual goals at the local and continental levels.”

Commenting on a question about the team’s chances to compete to win the title despite the 8-point gap, he said: “I assumed my responsibilities today! I do know the big challenges waiting for me, but I will tackle them one by one. The most important thing for me at the moment is to win the next game to regain the players’ self-confidence and boost the team’s power. It is through victories we could improve the performance gradually. We are Al Ain and we always aspire to be the strongest team. We will all our matches, compete to be at the top spot, and clinch the title.”

He stressed that each time he was watching the matches of the UAE League, he was looking for Al Ain matches as it is the biggest team in the UAE and one of the best teams in Asia. “This is why I am here.”

He concluded his statement by saying: “I know the fans have great expectations and waiting for the Boss squad and the new coaching teams to win the opponents that definitely will boost the team’s power and increase the volume of the fans’ support. Al Ain is always in deep need of the fans’ support.”


Pedro Emanuel kicked off his career as a defender with Portuguese F.C. Marco before joining the French Ovarense Club in 1994 and then and F.C. Penafiel. Pedro then moved to Boavista FC and then to Porto in 2002. His always effective style earned him the confidence of his manager, and he played in both the UEFA Cup and UEFA Champions League finals won between 2003 and 2004. He quitted playing football in the season 2009/2010.

As for his professional career as a head coach, he earned an excellent reputation despite the massive challenges and achieved outstanding successes for his great charisma and quality skills. He kicked off his career as a coach as André Villas-Boas assistant manager of Porto FC. He gained significant experience in training and won the UEFA title in 2011.

Pedro was appointed at Villas Boas’ previous team Académica de Coimbra from June 2011 until April 2013. On 6 June 2013, Pedro Emanuel took over at recently promoted F.C. Arouca.

On 10 June 2015, Pedro Emanuel moved abroad for the first time in his career, taking over at Apollon Limassol of the Cypriot First Division; his team already included three compatriots. He won the Cup and Super Cup in his first season. Pedro Emanuel returned to his country and signed as manager of GD Estoril Praia.

On 4 August 2019, after spending one season as manager of Al-Taawoun FC and winning the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup.

Pedro Emanuel was appointed at the helm of Spanish Segunda División side UD Almería. He earned six victories, drew six and lost two matches, in spite of being placed second in the standings, he left by mutual agreement.

Name: Pedro Emmanuel
Nationality: Portuguese
Date of Birth: 11 February 1975
Clubs he trained: Académica de Coimbra (2010-2011), Apollon Limassol of the Cypriot First Division (2016-2016), GD Estoril Praia. (2017), Al-Taawoun FC (218-2019), UD Almería (2019).

Portuguese Pedro Emmanuel Officially Signs With Al Ain as the New Head Coach for A Season and A Half


Al Darmaki: We Trust the Coach’s Capabilities to Contribute in Shaping a Squad Ready to Win Titles

The Shared Aspirations Contributed to Unanimous Agreement to Choose Portuguese Pedro

In Two Weeks, We Analyzed 30 CVs of Various Head Coaches considering Technical, Financial and Administrative dimensions

We Conducted Video Conferences with Various Candidates to Get Answers for Most Details Required

We are on the Verge of a Critical Stage that Requires Firming up our Efforts

Positive Support from the Stands and Social Media Platforms Boost the Boss’ Strengths

Al Ain Football Club Company has officially announced that Portuguese Pedro Emmanuel, 44 years, officially signed with the Club as the new head coach of Al Ain First Football Team for a season and a half.

Dr. Matar Rashid Al Darmaki, Chairman of Al Ain Football Club Company, hailed the dedicated efforts of the Technical Committee for Professionalism. “They did it and recruited a new head coch in two weeks as of the decision taken to terminate the contract of Croatia’s Ivan Leko on 21 December 2019.”

“We are committed to following a well-defined policy consistent with the Club’s strategy to arrive at the best options and achieve the desired goals. Indeed, this is done away from any emotional feelings or urgency in taking the decision,” Dr. Al Darmaki stated.

He added: “The members of the Committee took their final undivided decision based on Pedro’s successful career history along with the team’s aspirations to win all upcoming challenges in all local and continental competitions this season.”

Al Darmaki shed light on the processes adopted to select the new head coach. He said: “The long list of professional profiles we received included 30 names of international coaches. The committee members examined all of them, and they were reduced to 10 names before having a shortlist of 5 coaches. The Technical Committee for Professionalism submitted the required reports to the Board of Directors after screening them and having a table of comparisons to take the final decision based on the reports and the technical, financial and administrative analysis, as well as interviewing the coaches via video conferencing.”

On the reason for interviewing the coaches via video conferences, Al Darmaki stated that the members interviewed the coaches to know the coach’s personality. “They also wanted to get an idea about his plan to deal with the players, his action plan, his passion to win championships, ability to work under pressure and inform him about the Club’s policies, strategic plans, institutional values, and the concept of “governance” system and the culture of the players as well as their potentials.”

Mr. Chairman pointed out that the committee members adopted a unified policy in screening the names they have had. The points selected in comparing between the candidates include their years of experience, titles they won with their teams considering the intensity and strength of the league, teams they were in charge of, their experience in the Gulf region, job stability, method of playing, reference recommendation made by his recent Club, in addition to Al Ain Club’s financial offer, penalty clause, and the contract term.

Al Darmaki underlined that he is confident that the stars of the Boss’ stars are capable of realizing the Club’s goals under the command of the Portuguese head coach. “The new head coach knows well the potentials of squad players as he used to watching the games of the team and will be a key partner in taking the decisions on preparing the team during the winter, i.e., identifying the requirements needed to boost the team’s strength and to compete to win titles.”

“Al Ain is on the verge of a new critical stage. This requires all of us to consolidate our efforts to realize the desired goals,” Dr. Al Darmaki said.

He also emphasized that all have full confidence in the players, coaching teams, administrative staff, and on top is the Ainawi Nation. “The Ainawi fans are always supporting the aspirations of the team and are one of the important reasons for the team to excel through the history of the club.”

He added: “We are looking forward to receiving our fans’ positive support from the stands and via the social media platforms to reflect the concept of the integrity of the roles.”

Dr. Matar Al Darmaki concluded his statement by extending his sincere appreciation to the Iraqi Ghazi Fahad, the head coach of Al Ain U-21 “Reserved” Team for all his dedicated efforts to oversee the first team affairs “temporarily”.