Ismael Ahmad: We Achieved the Desired Gains out of the Friendly Match Against Al Fateh


Ismael Ahmad, Captain of Al Ain First Team, stated that the team’s third friendly match was tremendous and all the squad did well, given that the second match was canceled due to heavy showers of rain and hailstones. “I believe that we achieved the desired gains at the technical and physical levels.”

He added: “I would like to extend my sincerest regards to all my teammates who were selected to play the match and wish them all to achieve the desired gains during this critical stage of the preseason preparations for the next season. I believe that the performance indicators of the team in the training camp are positive. During the first stage of the away camp in Austria, all the squad push themselves to the limit and committed to the training program with a high level of seriousness. Currently, we have commenced the second stage of the away camp and hope the team will arrive at the required stage of readiness.”