About Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a martial art originated in Korea more than 20 centuries ago. A Korean word, Taekwondo consists of 3 syllables: ‘Tae’ means ‘Foot”, “leg” or “to step on”; ‘Kwon’ means “Fist” or “Fight”; and ‘Do’ means the “Way” or “Discipline”.

Taekwondo was revived in mid-19th century and became an internationally acknowledged sport that quickly spread all over the world.

Taekwondo main form is the free-style combat using bare hands and feet in both defensive and offensive positions against attacking combatants.

A defense-based sport, Taekwondo was commonly used as a self-defense technique in antagonistic environments in ancient days where only the fittest survived; it met the individuals’ needs, was a source of physical strength and improved fighters’ natural health and fitness.

Based on a superior and easy technique, Taekwondo involves all body parts including hands, elbows, knees and feet as means of self-defense.

More than a martial art, Taekwondo appealed to people because it teaches how to gain self-confidence, approach opponents calmly, create mental balance and how to enhance your moral strength of decency, virtue and tolerance.

Furthermore, Taekwondo is a discipline; it bans fighters from initiating an unfair attack; no fighter is allowed to show off his / her supper strength or intimidate or bully others. It is a technique to build body, activate mind and discipline soul.

Taekwondo Team

Alaa Samir Mohammed
AlAnoud Oun Al Tamimi
Amira Majdi Hassan
Asmaa Mohammed Bashiba
Bashayer Saeed Al Seirai
Bushra Hassan Al Hashimi
Jameelah Kayed Al Swadi
Jawaher Maged Al Muktar
Jihan Salem Al Khleifi
Raqiah Maamoun Daqil
Rawan Muhsen AbdulHadi
Saleema Zweid Al Ameri
Sali Hassan Al Hashemi
Sara Hassan Al Hashemi
Sara Ramzi Yeha
Siham Salem Al Khleifi
Souad Nader Al Naim
Tanzeel AbdulBadee Kasam
Zahraa Saeed Al Seiraii
Zeina Mohammed Al Hadi


PlayerCategoryWeight / BeltRank
Women- 62Second
Women- 57First
Girls- 55Second
Girls- 46Second
Girls- 42Second
Young girls- 51Second
Young girls- 39First
Young girls- 55First

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