Burjeel Hospitals Sponsors Al Ain Club Members “Medically”.. Al Deri: We Appreciate the Leading Role of National Institutions and Companies in Supporting the Sports Sector

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Al Ain Football Club and Burjeel Medical Group Hospitals have signed a partnership agreement that extends until 2024. Under the partnership agreement, Burjeel Hospitals will provide various medical services to Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club members and the football and sports companies covering teams of all age groups.

During the press conference, held this afternoon in the Chairman’s Lounge at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium, the Al Ain Club Investment Company revealed that the partnership agreement will last for three years. Al Ain Club is privileged to have Burjeel and other leading national institutions sponsor the lofty sports entity, Al Ain Club.

Two Al Ain First Football Team stars attended the signing ceremony, Togo’s Laba Kodjo, and Mohammed Abbas. The partnership agreement was signed by Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club representative, Rashid Abdullah, CEO of Al Ain Club Investment Company, and Omran Al Khoury – Head of VPS Sponsorship Group the Health Business Development Sector, in the presence of John Sunil, Regional CEO of Burjeel Hospitals Group, in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

H.E. Mohammed bin Thaloub Al Deri, Chairman of Al Ain Club Investment Company, hailed the professional medical services provided by Burjeel Hospitals in various fields in all UAE regions.

He stressed that Burjeel is officially joining the family of the “Boss” partners is a real added value to the Club.

In H.E. Deri’s speech, delivered on his behalf by Rashid Abdullah, CEO of Al Ain Investment Club, at the conference announcing the new partnership, stressed: “We are always proud and feel humbled to have such significant and distinguished partners working with us. Indeed, we are honored to announce today that one of the largest hospitals in the region has joined the Al Ain Club partners’ family. Burjeel hospitals have been providing distinct health services through its branches at the local and foreign levels.”

Bin Thaloub praised the Club’s partners, stressing that Burjeel Hospitals Group adopted a business model that is established based on the principle of supporting sports and cultural activities. They have clear societal contributions at the local and external levels through stimulating partnerships and creative initiatives consistent with the vision of our wise leadership in promoting community services. Got no doubt their efforts deserve to be commended and highly appreciated.”

He added: “The Boss strategy is crystal-clear in strengthening partnerships with all governmental and private institutions and bodies, to contribute to providing the best facilities and exceptional services to our community in the City of Gardens and our beloved country in general.”

He stressed that the partnership with Burjeel comes as an extension of the Club’s partnerships with the first defense line and white army, each of their position in serving the homeland of giving, tolerance, and humanity. He expressed his appreciation and extended his sincerest gratitude to the loyal soldiers.

Bin Thaloub went on to say: “It is certain that Burjeel Hospitals Group, pioneer specialists in providing integrated health care services, has been distinguished by providing seven-star medical services, to provide the finest specialized health care services to all segments of society per the best internationally approved standards and practices.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “We are pleased that the announcement of our partnership coincides with the “derby” match, which is only 24 hours away. We want to confirm our confidence in the stars of our first team to win the opponents. Thanks go to the sublime care and generous support from the senior management, along with the support of the Ainawi Nation, who has been emphasizing throughout history that they are the difficult number in the stands of our league. Finally, we should not forget the support of the partners wishing all of you the best of luck.”

Omran Al Khoury, President of VPS Healthcare for Business Development, expressed his pride and honor in concluding the bilateral partnership agreement with Al Ain Football Club, one of the strongest clubs in the UAE, and Arab football with the most significant grassroots.”

Al Khoury explained: “We realize the importance of this partnership, that we consider it as a unique opportunity for us to introduce our comprehensive health services provided by our group to our patients in general, and it will be offered specifically to the players.”

He added: “We assure the fans of Al Ain, this lofty big Club, that we will be keen, through our specialized medical staff, to take care of the team and check their level of physical fitness. This is to be conducted to ensure their outstanding performance in all their matches. The care and attention that we will provide to Al Ain Club players will also cover the friends and fans of the Club. We all hope that we could provide all fans exactly with the excellent medical services offered to the players.”

Benjamin David, Director of Commercial Affairs, VPS Healthcare, confirmed that fans are part of the Club. They are the engines that support, cheer, and encourage the players. No club can sustain itself without loyal fans. “So we are proud to extend the benefits of the cooperation to the fans of the sporting club as well. The fans of the Club can avail.”

In response to a question on the essential advantages of a partnership with “Al Ain club, he said: “The sports medicine specialists at Burjeel Hospitals are among the best in the world. We have been providing our expert services to sporting clubs and events for a long time. Our experience through these years has helped us a lot when it comes to delivering the appropriate care to sportspersons. We are associated with various sporting clubs and institutions engaged in sporting activities. We offer comprehensive health packages for these institutions. That includes onsite care to hospital admission and other services. The partnership with the Al Ain club covers the same. It is a comprehensive package where the players do not have to worry about their health. We will be offering the best and the most advanced care.”