Ahmad Barman: So Determined to Win The Home Team and Back from AL Fujairah with 3 Points in Hands


Al Ain International midfielder, Ahmad Barman, stressed that it is important for the Boss squad to their best and win Al Fujairah and back to Al Ain’s den with the three points in hand with all due respect to the opponent’s aspirations.

“We know our mission against the home team will not be easy given that they lost their last match against Al Sharjah by 3-0. I am sure they will try their best to play aggressively against us,” Barman said. He underlined that the players are so determined to show their stellar performance and reflect all the tactical plans and instructions of the head coach on the pitch with sights set to achieve the required positive result.

In response to a question on reducing his filed tasks in the presence of Amer Abdul Rahman and Mohammed Abdul Rahman, he said: “I can assure you that Al Ain players are one family and we compliment each other in and out the pitch. As for my roles in the field, this is something determined by the head coach and every one of us strives hard to fulfill his tasks in the right manner to achieve the ambitions of the team.”