Al Ain Delegation Departs For Ashgabat On Private Plane.. Al Zaeem “The Boss” looks forward to setting new records in the Asian Championship


Al Ain Armed with a Strong Character Facing all Challenges in Turkmenistan

Ahal Fans are optimistic of the Champions League matches at Ashgabat Stadium

In the spirits of the Asian leading, clinching the qualifications of the strongest continental tournament, and Al-Ain’s strong character, Al Zaeem “The Boss” delegation departs this evening, from Al Ain International Airport to Ashgabat, capital of Turkmenistan on a private plane headed by Mohamed Obaid Hammad, Member of the Steering Committee of Al Ain Football Club, Supervisor of the First and U 21 Team Sector, to play the match against Ahal of Turkmenistan, in the team’s last match in the group stage, leading Group A at 12 points, while Ahal’s points remain at 4, placing them in the last position on the group, meanwhile Pakhtakor of Uzbekistan is in second position at 7 points, and Al Fayha of Saudi Arabia is in third position on the group.

18 Players

The Al Ain team’s delegation to Turkmenistan included 22 players: “Khaled Issa, Sultan Al Mundhiri, Kwame Aton, Mohammad Ali Shaker, Bandar Al Ahbabi, Saeed Jumaa, Mansour Al Shamsi, Khalid Ali Al Balushi, Ahmed Barman, Mohammad Abbas, Falah Walid, Khaled Hussein Al Balushi, Sultan Al Shamsi, Hazem Mohammed Abbas, Matthias Blasius, Sufyan Rahimi, Amir Atzili and Josna Lolando”.

Asian Challenges

It is expected that Al Ain will face some challenges in the next Asian match; as its first in Turkmenistan, against the Ahal team at Ashgabat Stadium. Such a Stadium is known for its bad field, as it is made of artificial grass. In addition to the low temperatures, as it is expected that the match will be held at 5 degrees and some logistics, which have continued to enhance the chances of the home team in all of its Asian matches because such a team never loses any match in its stadium and in the presence of its fans.

Asian Al Zaeem “The Boss”

Al Ain began its continental matches with the best start during the current season in the Asian Championship, by winning four consecutive matches. In addition, Al Ain is the first club in the West of the continent to officially clinch the qualification to the eighth-final of the competition after leading Group A. Al Zaeem “The Boss” is looking forward to setting a new record in the group stage, as the highest score of points achieved in the group stage since 2003 to date was 13 points in two competitions, and by defeating the Turkmen team, their points increased at 15.

 Ahal and Ashgabat

A state of optimism prevails among the fans of the Ashgabat club team, before their match with Al Ain, despite the Turkmenistan representative officially leaving the competition and not clinching the qualification for Group A, which was clinched by Al Zaeem “The Boss” since the previous round of the competition. The reason they are optimistic is that their team did not lose any match at their stadium in the group stage, as Ahal played two matches at their home stadium, Ashgabat, which has a capacity of twenty thousand fans. In the first match, they won against Al Fayha by 1-0, while settled for a 1-1 draw in the second one against Pakhtakor.

The Ahal team scored five goals in the AFC Champions League during its past five matches, while conceding 11 goals.