Al Ain Officially Signed Caio Canedo of Al Wasl until 2022


As per the official statement of Al Ain FC on the Club’s website, Al Ain Football Company has announced signing Brazil’s Caio Canedo, 28 years old, against 20 million dirhams. The player will kick off his season with the team as of the 2019/2020 season until 2020. The main goal of the deal is to add new teeth to the front line of the squad contribute to achieve the Club’s big goals and on top make the loyal Ainawi Nation happy.

On this occasion, the Al Ain Football Company expressed its sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the management of the Al Wasl Football Company for their professionalism in facilitating the negotiations. The management of Al Ain FC also expressed their appreciation for the player who showed a sincere desire to join the team and defend its colors.

Al Ain FC has officially announced signing a 3-season contract with Brazil’s Caio Canedo, 28 years old, as per a deal concluded with Al Wasl FC as part of the Club’s efforts to boost the front line strength, contribute to achieve the Club’s big goals and on top make the loyal Ainawi Nation happy.

Player’s Biography

The newly-arrived player is known for his strength, speed and high caliber quality skills. He also enjoys the spirit of enthusiasm and leadership inside and outside the pitch. He is one of the fighters who do not believe in the impossible and enjoys exceptional sociable characteristics.

Caio kicked off his career in Massachusetts in USA but in 2007 he decided to return to Brazil to realize the dream of being a professional. Caio Canedo started a youth in the junior category, the basic divisions of Volta Redonda. With a good performances on the youth team, he was promoted to direct professional and played for São Paulo on loan in 2008. After four months training with the team, the managers of the two clubs failed to reach an agreement to join São Paulo, Caio decided to return to Volta Redonda and joined the team’s professional club.

In 2009, Caio moved to Botafogo on loan. With his good performance in the juniors, the club signed him in the end until 2012. In the season 2013/ 2014, Caio joined to Internacional FC and as of 2014/ 2015 he kicked off his career in UAE by signing to Al Wasl FC.

Personal Information
Name: Caio Canedo
Date of Birth: 09/08/1990
Nationality: Brazil
Position: Attacking Midfielder
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 72 Kg