Al Ain Renews Rayan Yaslam Contract Until 2024.. Proud to Pursue My Career with the Club No. 1


Injury was the reason behind the delay in announcing the renewal of my contract

Al Ain Fans … Thanks

Al Ain FC midfielder Rayan Yaslam, 24 years old, renewed his contract to play for the team until the summer of 2024. By this, he joined his teammates who renewed their contracts, including: Khalid Eisa, Ahmad Barman, Mohammed Ahmad, Bandar Al Ahbabi and Japan’s Shiotani.

In his first official statement commenting on the renewal of his contract, he said: “I cannot describe how happy I am today as to continue playing for the Club No. 1 in UAE and one of the best Asian clubs means a lot to me and make me feel proud.”

“The reason why the renewal of my contract was deferred is due to my injury. I was obliged to travel to Spain to undergo a surgery to clean the knee cartilage,” he said in response to question on why it took long time to renew his contract with the Boss. He added: “Despite entering the last six months of my contract, the management of the club supported me as one of the sons of the club where I kicked off my career. I pray to Allah Almighty to grant me the power to be up to the expectations of the management, teammates and on top the loyal fans of the Boss.”

He went on to say: “The priority is always for the Boss. It is my full desire to continue playing for Al Ain and that was my decision since the end of the past season. As I stated earlier, it was my injury that deferred the announcement of renewing my contract. Thanks Allah that all went well and the surgery was successful. I have already enrolled a rehabilitation program and will be ready for the coming season.”

Commenting on a question on how he sees the recent decisions to contract with new stars, he said: “First of all thanks and appreciation should go to H.H. Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, the First Vice President of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, and the First Vice President of Honorary Board, for his generous and continuous support of the club. We all realize and do understand that H.H. Sheikh Hazza never accepts any position except No. 1”

He added: “We were not lucky enough in the past season and it was a poor one in terms of results except winning the silver medals of the FIFA Clubs World Cup- UAE 2018. However, we know that our leaders accept only to be No. 1 in all tournaments and competitions. I do believe that the decisions taken to add more teeth to the lines of the squad and boosting the strength of the team is an important move to be able to achieve the desired ambitions. I am sure that every single player will do his best to defend the logo of the team and be part of the starting lineup which all channeled to serve the best interests of the team. We will all play in the spirit of one team and realize all the pre-set goals for the next season.”

Rayan concluded his statement by addressing a message to the Ainawi fans: “Indeed, the word “thanks” is not enough for their great and nonstop support of the team. All their comments on social media platforms made me happy. My decision was to continue my career with the Boss and their reactions and requests to stay with the squad made me so proud. I hope I will be able to meet their expectations and achieve all the goals and aspiration of the club and make all our loyal and dedicated fans happy.”