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Captain of Al Ain Team, Omar Abdul Rahman, is the most famous superstar football player in the world of football at the local, Gulf and continental levels. According to football specialists, he is considered the only star in the region capable of representing the Gulf football with great honor in the strongest European leagues in relation to his exalted skills and stunning level of professionalism.

Since he signed to Al Ain in the age of 16 years old, Al Ain FC has been receiving European offers in his name, including Spain’s RCD Espanyol, UK’s Manchester City and Arsenal and other big clubs in world-famous tournaments. The recent offer was received from France’s OGC Nice.

Renowned as Ainawi’s Joy Maker and the founder of the fun school of the Emirati’s football skills, Amoory’s brilliant journey is full of unprecedented personal achievements and several record-breaking accomplishments attributable to the player’s exceptional quality skills. It is expected that he will achieve new during the coming confrontation of Al Ain against Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal in the AFC Champions League.


Omar Abdul Rahman started his career with Al Ain in the season of 2006-2007 and played in Al Ain teams under 15 and 16 years when the Germany’s Coach Winfred Schaefer decided to promoted him to play in Al Ain First Team when he observed him in U-17 Al Ain International Tournament held in 2009.

Amoory won a number of personal titles, most importantly is the Asian Footballer of the Year Award in 2016 when Al Ain finished as the runner-up of the 2016 AFC Champions League. In the same year, he won the title of Best Player in the Champions League.

Additionally, he was crowned with a number of awards, including Egypt’s Al Ahram Newspaper as the Best Arab Player in 2010, as well as the Best Player Award in the U-17 Al Ain International Tournament. Moreover, he won the Best Player Award in the Arab Gulf League in 2012-2013 and 2015-2016 seasons, besides the title of the Most Promising Player according to the survey conducted by Lebanon’s Al Hadath Al Riyadi Newspaper. He also won the award of the Best Promising Player in the Professional League based on the results of the survey conducted by Al Etihad Newspaper in seasons of 2009-2010 and 2010-2011, and the title of the Best Player in the 2013 Gulf Cup Championship organized by the State of Bahrain. He was awarded the title of the 2015 Best Arab Player as per the results of the survey conducted by Egypt’s Al Ahram Newspaper, and was named as the Best Arab Player for the year 2015 in the fourth edition of the ” MARS D’OR” held in Morocco. In that same year, Amoory was nominated the AFC for the title of Asian Footballer.

Abnormal Achievements

At the level of Al Ain FC and UAE National Team, Amoory won with “The Boss” the Arabian Gulf League “three times”, the Super Cup “three times”, the President’s Cup “twice”, UAE-Moroccan Super Cup “once” and Etisalat Cup “once”.

As for UAE National Team, he won the Gulf Cup of Nations for Under 23 in 2010, the silver medal of Asian Games 2010 and the Asian Cup 2011. Indeed, he was one of the most important pillars that led UAE National Team to play in 2012 London Olympics and the Gulf Championship 2013.

Exceptional Stardom

Amoory’s stardom also attracted a number of national institutions, and one of them is “Nike” for sports gear signed a contract with him in April 2013 whose details have not been disclosed so far. Also, he signed another sponsorship contract with Etisalat to become its brand’s ambassador and the media image of the company in its public and marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, she star of UAE national football team and Al Ain club, Omar Abdel Rahman, appeared on the front cover of PlayStation (PES 2016) alongside Brazil’s Neymar, which was officially launched on 17th September 2016 in the GCC, Egypt and the Middle East. With this, he has become the first Arab player to appear on the cover of one of the most popular electronic video games in the world which enjoys a leading position in the whole region.

The star of Al Ain team has performed football show skills during training sessions with the former Barcelona star, Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar and a number of international football stars.

Amoory continued to express his pride and honor and full loyalty to Al Ain Club in a number of events and press conferences.

Better Prepared

“The International Player” Omar Abdel Rahman, the UAE national team player and Captain of Al Ain club, reassured the UAE and Al Ain fans on his injury he had suffered from during the first leg match in of the AFC Champions League quarter-final against Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal. Amoory stated, “The medical reports of the treatment I received in Barcelona confirmed that the medical treatment and rehabilitation programs needs ten days to heal and returns back to pitches. However, the team’s doctor decided to reinforce the rehabilitation programs by extending the treatment period until I am able to rejoin the “Boss” squad in a perfect condition.”

Commenting on a question on missing the last two qualifiers against Saudi Arabia and Iraq, he said: “I really wanted to be part of the international list along with my national teammates as all the team’s confrontations are linked to the name of the UAE and raising the UAE flag high in international competitions. Also, I did wish to be with them to show our best in the name of our beloved homeland in one of the most prominent competitions qualifying for the strongest championship in the world.” He added, “It is not a secret to tell you that I am not happy at all that I was not part of the team lineup but Allah has decreed it and what He willed has happened. Thank Allah anyway and I wish to participate in the coming international matches of the team.”

“The players of the UAE national team did well against the Saudi Arabia national team and they were up to the challenge. That led them to win and snatch the three points from aa top strong competitor. In the second match against Iraq, our national team performance was slightly affected due the absence of certain key players,” he added.

Responding to a question on the reasons behind the national team’s failure to qualify to the World Cup despite the fact that the team enjoys all the potentials and capacities, he responded, “Personally, I do not prefer to talk about the reasons. Nevertheless, the logic of football requires you to respect the opponent because you sometimes play against a stronger and better team, and vice versa. This requires you to deal with each opponent by the accurate employment of your capacities so that you can achieve the best result. Indeed, our national team missed to deal with certain tiny and simple details   while dealing with each game separately.”

Douglas’ Return Back

“Indeed, Douglas Dyanfres is one of the quality strikers who enjoys stunning potentials and skills to score which any coach or playmaker dreams of,” answered Amoory in response to a question on rejoining the player to the team’s squad. He added, “The player may have experienced difficult conditions in the previous period and received severe criticism. Yet, during the team’s confrontation against Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal he presented marvelous performance and received everybody’s admiration and he showed high fighting spirit though he was not able to score and he suffered from the lack of good luck.”

Amoory said, ” I wish all my teammates the best of luck and be able to show their best levels of performance that is consistent with the aspirations and desires of the fans of this great entity. ”

Offensive Force

When asked about his opinion as a playmaker to have two strikers instead of one in the squad, he said: “Absolutely it is great to have two strikers in the team lineup as this gives the team additional teeth to the squad and the greatest motivation to score more goals. However, in football you sometimes have a striker who is the best and can compensate having two on the pitch. In the meantime, the two of them can help each other when the first moves, the second is released from close monitoring or finds the right space that enables him to threaten to the opponent’s goal. ”

The Asian Qualifying Card

“I think that the actual reality dedicates that big teams always have strong confrontations. Al Ain and Al Hilal are two big teams and it was inevitable for both of them to meet in the current version of the AFC Champions League whether it is in the quarter-finals or semi-finals. Such a confrontation is a reality that both “Bosses” could not avoid,” said Amoory in response to the question on the coming match against Al Hilal.

As for the result of the quarter-final first leg match between Al Ain and Al Hilal, which ended in a goalless draw, he said: “The result of the confrontation was good as I mentioned after the match compared to the difference in levels of readiness between the two teams. Al Hilal played two official matches before their match against Al Ain which is contrary to our situation as that match was our first official match in this season. Add to that, we missed a player in 65th minute of the match due to receiving red card.”

Zoran Mamic

He added: “Personally I think that the team played a good game under difficult circumstances, and whether I am satisfied or not in relation to the team’s performance I find myself greatly satisfied with the results of the team. I do believe that the Coach will adopt the best tactics that will lead the team to return from Riyadh with the positive result. We are so confident in the Coach’s potentials and ability to set up the appropriate plan to achieve our goal, i.e. to qualify for the semi-finals of Asia in Riyadh.”

 Expectations Language

As for his expectations of the second leg match result in Riyadh, specially the first leg match had a new record in confrontations of the two teams to be the first draw result in the AFC Champions League, the star player said, “There is no doubt that football does not accept the language of expectations and results cannot be based on the history of the two competitors’ matches as much as the better team on the pitch will be rewarded.” He went on to say, “Yet, we are going to Saudi Arabia to snatch the qualifying card to the semi-finals of the Asian Championship. We all know that the opponent is strong, and so our mission will not be easy and we will show our best to achieve our goal. ”

The Difficult Mission

On the competition to win the title of the league this new football season, he commented: “It is certainly not an easy task because all the clubs have stepped up their efforts to compete strongly to win the title of this season by bringing in both national and foreign players to their lines.” He added, “during the “FIFA Days” nearly nine international players of Al Ain squad will join the UAE national Team which absolutely will have an impact on the team, but we will work hard to show our best to achieve our goal.”

European Offers

Responding to a question on the most important European offer he received starting with Spain’s RCD Espanyol when he was 16 years old, then UK’s Manchester City and Arsenal and lastly France’s Nice, Amoory said, “I believe that all the offers I received were of great importance to me.  It is not a secret anyway to tell you that my ambition is to play in UEFA Champions League since the player is not only representing himself, but also his country. I look forward to show my high level of performance in one of the most prominent competitions at the European and international levels that makes UAE proud of me.” He concluded, “OGC Nice’s Offer came in time for leaving Al Ain but I am at the disposal of “the Boss”.”

As for the Dutch press interest where some of them were keen to set up standards of comparisons after Nice chose the Dutch star Sneijder in its list of alternatives if negotiations with Amoory failed, he said: “The standards of comparison were not logical as Sneijder is a great player, attained remarkable achievements and played for his country’s national team more than 100 matches. Personally, I feel honored by the Dutch press interest and I wish to enjoy Sneijder’s level of skills.”

“I think Nice’s offer was the best because the team was close to qualifying for the Champions League by playing in the play-offs round as they finished third on the standing table of France’s League.  However, they did not qualify and thank Allah for everything and will be at the disposal of this great entity and directives of its management,” replied he to a question on the most appropriate European offer convenient for him to leave Al Ain and play in Europe.
Asian Ambitions

“Winning the AFC Champions League title with the “Boss” is a personal ambition for me and a goal I am striving hard to achieve with my teammates. I do believe that we are now close to achieving our goal. This matter has nothing to do with playing as professional player in Europe,” said Omar Abdel Rahman on his ambitions to win the most important Asian title.

Commenting on a question on the European league he prefers to belong to, he replied, ” I think it is the Spain’s League as it suits my skills.”

 Al Ain’s Official Website

“Definitely, launching the official website of Al Ain Club, the most popular club at the State level and the one that has a wide fan base at both the regional and Asian levels, was fantastic, especially the event coincided with the inauguration of the season by the match of the two “Bosses,” said he in a comment on the events accompanied the quarter final first leg match of AFC Champions League match between Al Ain and Al Hilal. He added, “I think the website matches the ambitions of lovers of this great sport entity and will be the source of admiration for all.”

A message to the Fans

In conclusion, Amoory addressed a message to Al Ain’s fans by saying, “I hope you all will be present in all the matches because you are the number one player. All the players are waiting for your perfect support whatever the results are because your presence gives them the strong motivation to achieve the best results. It is certain that Al Ain players will spare no efforts to raise Al Ain’s logo. I do wish all the best for our team in this new coming season.”