Being the Wild Card Boosts the Boss Strength.. Ismael Ahmad: Fully Determined to Win Al Jazira by the Fighting Spirit, Enthusiasm and Determination


Big Teams Know How to Snatch the Match Three Points and We Work Together To Improve the Team’s Performance

The captain of Al Ain Team, Ismael Ahmad stressed that it is important for his team to win Al Jazira in matchweek 6 of the Arabian Gulf League scheduled to be held on Friday 1st November 2019 at 08:45 p.m. at Hazza bin Zayed Stadium.

Ismael Ahmad pointed out: “We do respect the aspirations of Al Jazira and we do not consider the team’s poor performance in certain recent matches as we know our guests and their players well. In the meantime, we know what we are meant to do as of the kickoff whistle until the last second of the match.”

“The two teams will have several challenges on top is the fans and the high tempo of the match, but our sights are set to snatch the three points of the match, given that we are playing at home and among our great loyal fans,” he said.

He also stressed that the essential thing is to win such a match considering the performance of the team is improving. “In each match, we look forward to playing well and making loyal fans happy.”

On his assessment of the team’s performance since the first match until the recent one against Al Fujairah, he said: “Actually, the coach analyzes each match we play and assess the players’ performance. In the initial stages of the league, we lacked harmony among the players, specifically the newly arrived ones, and not to forget the factors of the weather conditions and the style of playing. However, from match to another we notice significant improvement in performance though some still say that the team still lacks mutual harmony.”

“I can assure you that big teams know how to put firm hands on the three points of the match. Indeed, this is our target in the subsequent stages. We are so ambitious to boost our performance and defend the Boss badge by exerting double efforts.”

Ismael Ahmad addressed a message to the fans by saying: “The Ainawi Nation is always the wild card and they do not need to invite them to attend the team’s matches to achieve together the aspirations of the team this coming Friday.”