Belonging to Al Ain Makes Feel Contented and Happy.. Laba Kodjo: Waiting Impatiently to Resume the League


I Refuse All Gossips, and I have A Valid Contract With the “Global” Boss Until 2022

The Secret of the Team’s Strength is the Spirit of the One Family

Feel So Proud for Joining This Lofty Club

I Do Not Think About Buying A Car, and I Only Focus on Defending the Boss’ Badge

I have my own file of my mother’s recipes

I spend most of my time at home and so keen to keep in touch with my family, teammates, and friends

Hosted by “Al Ain in A Week” Show broadcasted by Al Ain TV Channel, Togo international forward Kodjo Fo-Doh Laba said that he enjoys the best moments of his life in Al Ain FC as he “has a great family of his teammates, coaching and admin teams and on top is the unlimited support of the fans.”

He stated: “It did not take me much time to adapt to everyone here and really feel comfy and happy here for belonging to such a big club. I do wish to resume this season soon and achieve the desired goals.”

Laba responded to a question on the recent press reports on offers presented by Arab, African and Gulf football clubs saying that they are all fake news and totally rejected. “I am a player in Al Ain FC and so proud to be part of this lofty club. We are here more than a family, which is the secret for boosting the one team spirit among the teammates, coaching and admin teams and fans in and off the pitch. We are always in direct contact and checking on each other, besides exchanging advice.”

Among the points he also highlighted, Laba put an accent on the fact that he has a valid contract with AL Ain FC until 2022.

“I am waiting impatiently to resume football activities,” Laba commented on the provisional decision announced by PLC to resume the league by coming August.

He added: “It is not a secret to say it is a great decision as it gives the players the chance to prepare well for various football competitions, especially the players’ physical fitness to be round back into form.”

As for his daily program, given the current circumstances, he pointed out that the whole world is facing challenging times due to the breakthrough of coronavirus pandemic. “However, we are enjoying the days of the holy month of Ramadan, and I spend most of my time in my home quarantine. I always communicate with my teammates online, do my training sessions individually, watch football matches, and chat with my family members.”

Commenting on the online training programs, he said: “My daily online training sessions include working with my teammates and implementing all training instructions but individually. Also, I do my jogging and running exercises, besides using my bicycle as well as training with the ball to refine my skills and maintain my high level of fitness.”

Talking about his nutrition diet during his voluntary home quarantine, he commented: “I consider myself as a lucky chile since childhood as I was and still a hard worker and obedient to my dear mother. I keep certain recipes of my mother and keep it in a special file. I prefer preparing Togo’s traditional plate in addition to rice, pasta, and many other plates.”

On why he has not bought a car so far as his teammates, he said that the Club provides him with all that he needs and that his house is so close to the training fields and this is why he does not require a car. He pointed out that “I only focus on defending the Club’s badge and playing football.”

He also said that he is living by himself and that he prefers to stay at home most of the time. “Until the time my family joins me, I would buy my own car.”

Laba addressed a message to his family, friends, teammates, coaching teams, and all members of the Club for everything they do for me. “I call upon everyone in these hard times to stay in solidarity and be united to overcome this global challenge by abiding by all preventive measures, staying at home, boost their immunity, and maintaining their dynamic lives to eliminate this pandemic by breaking its spread cycle.”

He signed the interview by stating: “I would like to ensure all the Ainawi fans that I belong to Al Ain and so proud to be a player of the “Global” Boss.”