Bin Hraiz Hails the Boss Players’ Interaction.. Al Ain Players Gained New knowledge and Skills on Dealing with the Media


In cooperation with the Professional League Committee, Al Ain Club organized a practical workshop attended by the players of Al Ain first and reserved teams under the theme “Professional Skills in Dealing with the Media” on Tuesday 26th March 2019 at the conference room of Khalifa Bin Zayed Stadium.

The professional media lecturer, Feisal Bin Hraiz, delivered lectures on the subject that received the attention of the players who greatly interacted with their topics. Bin Hraiz adopted an attractive style in his various and comprehensive presentations. He presented real, quick and bold interviews with certain prominent figures in the world of football who addressed exceptional messages. He also presented exceptional explanatory videos for football stars while dealing with the media representatives in different situations and how they dealt with the media representatives.

The workshop included practical training by conducting media interviews with the players during which surprising and untraditional questions are addressed within different scenarios. The aim was how to deliver the club’s message under unpreferable circumstances, such as losing the match, when the fans are angry at players, not contracting with new players to boost the squad strength… etc. The workshop program also included holding press conferences for certain players as a demonstration of the knowledge and skills players gain through the workshop.

Additionally, the lecturer tackled the best methods to deal with social media platforms professionally by reviewing certain modern scientific studies to highlight pros and cons of the topic. Numerous examples were presented accompanied by tweets and posts of unusual responses.

During the practical presentations, Bin Hraiz underlined the key reasons for gaining self-confidence and self-disciplined prior making any statements or sending recorded materials, sound files or a tweet through social media platforms. He explained also how the football stars could establish friendly relationships with the media and the fans highlighting the most prominent approaches for the tune of speech and body language.

By the end of the workshop, Bin Hraiz praised the players’ interaction and responsiveness to the tips given to them, while putting an accent on the importance of adopting the best approaches to communicate the club’s message through the media and social media platforms and wishing all of them all the best and good luck in their career.

In his turn, the defender of Al Ain FC and the UAE National Team Mohannad Salem Al Enezi expressed his deep appreciation to PLC and Al Ain Club for organizing such important training courses and expressing his admiration with the creative topic tackled during the workshop. “I would like to thank the well-known and the distinguished trainer Faisal bin Hraiz. Absolutely, we gained a lot from this workshop specially it is related to an important topic.”

Khalid Abdul Rahman said that Faisal bin Hraiz succeeded in delivering the content of the training workshop professionally by adopting motivational and attractive style of lecturing. “All of us interacted with him as the content is of an added value to our experience. I assure you that all of us gained a new experience by attending this distinguished workshop.” He also commended the initiatives adopted by the Al Ain Club and PLC that marks the keenness of all the sport entities to keep pace with the up-to-date developments and help professional players to achieve the highest levels of success.