Board of Directors of Al Ain FC Checking up on the Work Mechanism of Al Ain Football School.. Emphasises the Prominence of Governance and Boosting Up Performance Indicators to Achieve the Best Results


The Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Club Company, headed by HE Chairman Dr. Matar Rashid Al Darmaki, with the presence of Khalid Abdullah Hamarain Al Dhaheri, Vice Chairman, and BoD members Matar Ghumran Al Dhaheri, Salem Mohammed Al Junaibi and Majid Al Owais paid a field visit to the Al Ain Football School on Saturday 26th October 2019 to check up on the work mechanism. The visit program included attending part of the training sessions of the Ainawi school teams.

The BoD members underscored the importance of activating the principle of governance in managing the school sector. They all highlighted that efforts should be channelled to further improve the performance indicators, given that the school football is the actual initial stage of building up the quality skills of the professional players.

The visiting delegation recommended furnishing all grounds to achieve the desired results by keeping pace with all the development indicators related to youngsters and junior teams. They directed to equip them with state-of-the-art scientific methods to practice authentic professionalism and prepare them in the best possible means per the club’s vision to contribute to the preparation of competent individuals serving the best interests of a conservative and cohesive society.

They also recommended exerting all efforts to protect the sons of the club against negative influences and work hard to boost up the positive indicators. They also directed to adopt development initiatives to raise the performance indicators of all the football school players at technical, academic, behavioral, social, and health levels through direct coordination with parents, teachers, schools, coaches, administrative officers, and all members of the sector system.

On this occasion, Khalfan Al Shamsi, Supervisor of Al Ain Football School, expressed his sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Club Company for their visit. He stressed: “The visit had a great impact on the young players. It granted them and their parents the essential motivation for the sincere interest of the club management in their affairs. All the staff of the school were overwhelmed by the visit and left them with high moral.”

He added: “We are committed to implementing the directives of the Board of Directors and put them in place to realise the desired goals of the club.”

He signed off: “We have already kicked off the work to form the specialised task forces to achieve the best results during the set time frame.”