We respect our badge and represent the UAE in the largest continental championship.. Crespo: Al Ain came to Turkmenistan as a prestigious team, not just as individual names



Al Ain coach stated that his team came to Turkmenistan to playreal football, as Al Ain is a prestigious brand in the Asian continent and represents the UAE in this strong competition. He emphasized that they are required to show the spirit of victory and respect for our badge, competition, and opponent alike. Therefore, we are approaching tomorrow’s match with seriousness and a clear target of winning and bringing back the three points.

Regarding his team’s squad for tomorrow’s match, which lacks the most prominent names, he said: “Al Ain is a prestigiousteam with clear targets in every match, so we came here as a team named Al Ain, not as individual names, and everyone here knows what is expected of them in tomorrow’s match. My confidence in all my team players remains high.”

He concluded his statement during the pre-match press conference, saying: “We are required to show our best and look forward to returning from Turkmenistan with a strong result, with full respect for Ahal’s ambitions.”